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Random Friday Thoughts — February 9, 2018

It’s time for another one of my “Random Friday Thoughts”.

I want to thank all of you for the beautiful words about Miss ABBA and Mr. Panda last  week on the anniversaries of their crossing over the “Rainbow Bridge”.

I’ll tell you that the first few days of February have not been kind to me over the years with the passing of ABBA, Panda, the end of my relationship, and the death of Karen Carpenter.

However, I promise you, my friends, at this time next year, I’ll still remember those beautiful pets, but I’ll have an exit plan in place for getting out of this misery I’m in and God-willing, I’ll have an exit date!

With that in mind, here’s what I’m thinking this week!


While not totally related, this year’s high rate of the flu has me thinking about vaccinations, specifically childhood vaccinations.


I know there are parents out there that don’t vaccinate their children for religious reasons and some because they fear that childhood shots may cause autism.

I’m one of those that firmly believes that every child in school should have all of the doctor-recommended shots.

Children are susceptible to so many viruses and diseases anyways, why not give them every chance to be as healthy as possible?

Your thoughts on mandatory childhood vaccinations?


Ricky Martin is off the market, guys (and gals).

The sexy Latin pop star and star of the current FX series “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” married his Syrian-Swedish painter boyfriend of three years, Jwan Yosef.


Martin, the father of two, wants people to see him, Jwan, and the kids as normal.

He tells “Out” magazine, “I want people to look at me and see a family and say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with that.’ It’s part of my mission.  It’s part of my kids’ mission as well.  My kids ask me about having two daddies and I tell them we are a part of a modern family.  This is a beautiful sense of freedom.”

After reading Martin’s autobiography, “Me”, here’s what I had to say if you want to learn more about him.


Donut Mania, a specialty shop, in Las Vegas is offering the ultimate dessert through Valentine’s Day — gold-decorated donuts.


The treats are made with edible 24-karat gold leaf and dust.  If that wasn’t decadent enough, the fabulosity factor goes higher since the deep-fried dough is infused with sparkling Perrier-Jouët Champagne!

If you’re heading to Vegas soon, these shiny donuts will set you back $15 each and they have to be pre-ordered.

Too extravagant for you?  They have countless others available, too!

Donut 3


As I blogged before, now that I’m finished with boxes of old “Rolling Stone” and “Time” magazines, I read “Front Row At The White House” by UPI news correspondent Helen Thomas.


It was a great read with her stories of the eight presidents (and First Ladies) she covered through 1999 from John & Jacqueline Kennedy to Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Christmas In Plains

I also read “Christmas In Plains” by my idol, Former President Jimmy Carter.  I read this small, but inspiring book every holiday season.


Leading up to the 2016 presidential election, I was pretty vocal about the candidates and since that fateful night, I’ve worked very hard to say as little as possible about “that man”.  It is what it is and what can I do until the mid-term elections in 2018 and the next election in 2020.

But, with the amazing Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain as Vernoica Elders, I’m still laughing and watching this “Saturday Night Live” skit again and again.

Really, “What Even Matters Anymore!”  While sad that this is true, Chastain is freaking funny!


Many television shows are taking on Donald Trump.

There’s the incredible third season of USA’s “Mr. Robot” where this interaction played out…

Zhang (who’s also “Whiterose”), China’s Minster of State Security, tells the right wing TV host Frank Cody: “I may have a potential candidate for president I want you to back.” (with “that man” on the television).


Cody:  <nervous laugh> “Look, the country’s desperate right now, but you can’t be serious.  I mean the guy’s a buffoon.  He’s completely divorced from reality.  How would you even control him?” 

Zhang (Whiterose):  “If you pull the right strings, a puppet will dance anyway you desire!”

And, then there’s “The X-Files”.

In the eleventh season, actions and comments of #45 have been mentioned (without calling him by name) several times, especially “fake news”.


In a recent comical episode, Mulder meets with the mysterious “Dr. They”, who tells the FBI agent that his time has passed.  He adds that these days, we don’t even know what the truth means and that no one really cares if it gets out.

A more potent, yet much less subtle, bash is when a spaceship landed and the alien leader told Mulder and Scully that they were cutting ties with Earth.

They were going to build a wall around the solar system because our race is made up of liars and we accuse them of bringing in drugs and crime.  But, the alien did say that not all of us are bad!

And, #45, every time you bring up the expression “Crooked Hillary”, think of this:


That replaced “The Truth Is Out There” opening earlier this season.


After the season three finale, I got a tweet back from the show’s mastermind and creator Sam Esmail.Mr Robot


The “Rocket Man” Elton John is saying “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, but not before sharing the love with his fans one last time.


A couple of weeks ago, the 70-year-old music icon announced his massive farewell tour — 300 cities over three years!

Elton promises an over-the-top production with dates in the U.S., Europe (May 2019), South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Comically, he added that when he’s done, he’s done, “I’m not Cher, even though I like wearing her clothes — this is the end.”

Elton LasVegas

I saw him in Las Vegas on my birthday weekend in 2012 and he was incredible.


34-year-old Rodrigo Alves is a Brazilian born social media celebrity.  However, he’s known as the “Human Ken Doll”.

FLYNET - Exclusive: Rodrigo Alves On A Shopping Spree In London

Holy hell, I don’t think so!

I had many fantasies as a kid of a human version of the Mattel “Ken” doll, but he didn’t look like that.

He looked more like this!

ken doll

Okay, back to Alves.  He finally found a doctor to reduce his waistline from 26″ to 20″ by removing four “floating ribs”!

This is a creepy and shocking television interview with him.

Okay, I’m not a mental health expert.   But, when it comes to finding plastic surgeons to perform these elaborate works of human body massacre, how does he pass psychological evaluations or do they even do them?

As a recovery food addict, I fought body image issues for much of my 20s.  However, I never once thought of doing anything like this!

No wonder Barbie is more independent!


1959 — Barbie hit stores and pundits said the toy would fail.  Mattel sold 300,000 of the $3 dolls within a year.

1963 — The Barbie Baby-Sits debuted with a book titled “How to Lose Weight”.  It recommended, “Don’t eat.”  Nice going, Mattel!

1970 — National Organization for Women stage the “Women’s Strike for Equality” with signs reading, “I Am Not a Barbie Doll”.

1980 — Multi-cultural versions of Barbie are introduced, but critics blasted them because their features were Caucasian.

1992 — A new talking Barbie declares “Math class is tough!”.  This didn’t go over well.

2004 — Barbie and Ken break-up.  They had been companions since 1961.  However, they reunited seven years later.


In 1997, if you listened to pop radio, you couldn’t escape “Barbie Girl” by the Danish group Aqua.

The song peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it topped the charts in more than a dozen countries.

With lyrics like “I’m a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world” and “Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please/I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees”, Mattel wasn’t pleased.  It unsuccessfully sued the group.


Troye Sivan is racing up the chart with his latest hit, “My My My”, the first single from his new album.  The name of the disc and the release date are still unknown.

Two years ago, Sivan had my #2 song of 2016 with “Youth” and last year, he made my year-end Top 20 list with Martin Garrix on “There For You”.


With all the craziness in the world, make it the best in your little part of it!


Call Her Maybe, But Don’t Call Her A Drag Queen

After waking up to frosty conditions this weekend and 30° Monday morning in the Quad Cities, temperatures rebounded nicely by afternoon into the 70s and we could be close to 80° today.  Could this be “Indian Summer”?  While there’s no uniform rule for that, it’s usually a period of warm, sunny days that follow a killing frost or freeze.  Regardless of whether you call it “Indian Summer” or not, it’s going to be toasty the next few days.

This is how we used ABBA’s harvested tomatoes before the freeze and it looks very fall-ish.

Ray’s yummy brushetta was just one thing we devoured as we celebrated my sister’s birthday yesterday.  That means today is September 25th and that also means that Christmas is only three months from today!

When Ray went to Wal-Mart Sunday evening, he said the elves (Moline’s version) were busy putting up Christmas trees and decorations in the garden section — just another sign that the summer is over and Christmas is closer than you think or choose to think.

I’m always checking out the pictures that people post on their Facebook pages and some I don’t give a second glance and some I stop and stare at and some I save.  My friend, Rose, posted this gorgeous picture the other day and I thought, “that is too beautiful not to share”, so here it is and welcome to the countdown to Christmas (and winter).

We always go all out decorating for Christmas each year with a live Christmas tree in the living room and many other smaller trees in the other rooms just to use up the Christmas decorations.  In a few weeks, I’ll climb up on the house and put up the outdoor lights.  We love Christmas decorations.

However, this year, because we’re going on the cruise in the days leading up to Christmas, it may change the way we do Christmas this year.  We may or may not have a live tree and we’re not really going to buy presents this year.  Betty (Mom) suggested that we buy one nice gift and have a mystery exchange, which sounds fun.  The cruise is our Christmas present.  (I’ll continue to donate time and money to charity like I do each year for Christmas.)

So, as you make your list and check it twice this year, just like Santa, to figure out who’s been naughty and nice, here’s a suggestion for the good little girls (and boys).  Yes, some boys would like them and enjoy them.  It’s 2012, for Christ sakes.

Meet “Blond Diamond Barbie”!

Mattel will be shipping her to stores and Santa will be delivering many of these new barbies this Christmas.  However, don’t make the mistake of calling her “drag queen” Barbie.  Barbie has been many things (all good, of course), but the creators Phillipe and David Blond, who designed “The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie” says that’s wrong.

A spokesperson for the Blonds’ says, “It is incorrect to label the doll ‘Drag Queen Barbie.’ She is the Blond Diamond Barbie.  She is female. She is the same Barbie that has been a doctor, a teacher and an astronaut, and now she is glamorized in The Blonds creations.”

Seriously, just because Phillipe Blond, one of the creators is a drag enthusiast, you really can’t see any of those influences.  Can you?  I mean everyday women wear sparkly little dresses, have perfect hair, and show legs for days.

Let’s do a quick comparison:  look at “Blond Diamond Barbie” (above) and see if there’s any similarities to Frank Marino of Las Vegas’ “Diva Las Vegas” for any “drag” similarities.

Really, people, you don’t need Mulder and Scully or the FBI to note the similarities (or if you live in fantasy land, the lack of similarities).

If people need to call this Barbie, “Blond Diamond Barbie”, that’s cool.  But, if others want to let Barbie be “Drag Queen Barbie”, let it be.  Who says that DQ Barbie can’t earn dollars lip-synching Madonna, Britney, Cher, Bette, Celine, Reba, or Rihanna in bars across the country if Ken can take off his clothes gyrating around in clubs for dollars like “Magic Mike”!

Dear Santa,

I know you’re too busy to get into social issue debates.  You just make the toys and deliver them.  However, if a little girl wants a dump truck this Christmas and her little brother wants a Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, don’t think about what others will think.  Just make that kid happy.

As for me, last Christmas, you forgot to bring me the Reba McEntire “Fancy” Barbie.

I’ll continue to look for it online and eBay for a good price.  But, if you have one lying around, you know my address.  And, since I have an 11-year-old daughter, you can pretend it’s for her.

Thank you,