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Snow Possible Tonight & Early Sunday

UPDATE:  Sunday, December 24, 2017, 6:40 p.m.

Snow:  2.7″ Cambridge (IL); 2.3″ Kewanee (IL); 2.0″ Moline (IL); 1.8″ Davenport (IA); 1.1″ Iowa City (IA); 1.1″ Dewitt (IA); 0.8″ Dubuque (IA).


UPDATE:  Saturday, December 23, 2017, 3:05 p.m.

Based on new data coming in, more of the Mississippi and Illinois Valleys may be seeing a “White Christmas”!

The Quad Cities is now included in the earlier “Winter Weather Advisory”!


For simplicity sake, the “Advisory” runs from late tonight (midnight or 3 a.m.) through midday or early afternoon Sunday (noon or 3 p.m.).

The latest computer models are coming in with more moisture to work with, so that means more of the area will see snow.


Amounts really haven’t changed all that much.

I still think the southern hometowns will see 1-3″ of snow with a few 4″ reports.

Around the Quad Cities and along and just north of Interstate 80, an inch or two are still possible with some 3″ totals.

North of that, around Dubuque, Iowa, Galena and Freeport, Illinois, an inch of snow may cover the ground.

Bitterly cold air will follow the snow.  Highs only in the teens and 20s and lows in the single digits are on the way for next week.

Some hometowns may even drop below zero Monday and Tuesday nights.

ORIGINAL POST:  Saturday, December 23, 2017, 6:50 a.m.

Some across the Midwest are lucking out and may see a “White Christmas”.

If you live south of the Quad Cities, you have a better chance.  Northern hometowns will only see a dusting of snow.

A disturbance moving out of the Plains late Saturday through midday Sunday will bring an accumulating band of snow to parts of Iowa and Illinois.


Interstate 80 is a good cutting off point.

Along and south of I-80, a “Winter Weather Advisory” goes into effect overnight Saturday for those counties.

1-3″ of snow could accumulate under that “Winter Weather Advisory”!  There could be an isolated 4″ report.

A “Winter Weather Advisory” goes into effect at midnight Saturday through noon Sunday for Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Lee, Louisa, and Washington counties in Iowa.

That “Winter Weather Advisory” runs from 3 a.m through 3 p.m. Sunday for Bureau, Henderson, Henry, Mercer, and Warren counties in Illinois.

If you live in the Quad Cities, you’re not under the “Advisory” as of Saturday morning.  Accumulations of an inch or two are still possible.

That’ll be enough for a “White Christmas”, but not for an advisory.

Hometowns around Dubuque, Iowa, Galena and Freeport, Illinois, may only see a dusting of snow.

Much Colder

While some may get more snow than others, all will have to deal with bitterly cold air.

Highs only in the teens and 20s and lows in the single digits are on the way for next week.

Some hometowns may even drop below zero Monday and Tuesday nights.



Another Snowy Weekend


Officially, through 6 p.m., 1.7″ of snow fell this afternoon in Moline and 1.4″ accumulated in Davenport. More snow is on the way tonight and Sunday.



Snow is already falling across southeastern Iowa and west-central Illinois this afternoon. It’ll reach the Quad Cities by early evening.

The “Winter Weather Advisory” has been upgraded to a “Winter Storm Warning” across our northern hometowns.


I’m still looking at the same totals you see below, but I think it’ll be on the higher end of the range.

There  will be isolated higher totals.



Greetings from the Port of New Orleans, Louisiana.  I’m on my way home and I’ll be happy to see some snow since I missed last weekend’s big snow.

A “Winter Weather Advisory” goes into effect this afternoon and runs through Sunday evening  in the purple-shaded counties.


Light snow will develop this afternoon and become heavier tonight through midday Sunday.

Snowfall accumulations along and just north of Interstate 80, which will include the Quad Cities, will be around 2″-5″.

Northern hometowns, closer to Wisconsin, could pick up 5″-8″.

Meanwhile, our southern hometowns, that aren’t under the “Winter Weather Advisory”, will likely only see a dusting to a couple of inches.

Along with the snow, we’ll see wind and blowing snow.

Unlike last week, this snow will likely stick around next week.

If you thought this past week was cold, wait until the middle and end of next week.  Highs will likely only be in the teens and lows could drop below zero!

I’ll be monitoring the snow situation today from the airports on my two flights home.   I’ll update you when I can.

And, I’ll see you bright and early Monday morning on “Local 4 News This Morning” from 5-7 a.m.  (Thanks Ashe for filling in for me last week.)


Valentine’s Day Snow Storm

Happy Friday!  It’s finally here and the bright sunshine looks great out there if it wasn’t for the howling winds.

Bitterly cold temperatures are coming in tonight and when you wake up Saturday morning, lows will be around -2° in the Quad Cities and even colder to the north.

However, once you factor in the wind, most of us will have wind chills in the -15° to -25° range.

Morning sunshine Saturday will give way to cloudy skies by afternoon and light snow will break out Saturday night.

The heaviest of the snow with the storm will fall Sunday.

For several days now, I’ve been telling you that this storm would be bringing in several inches of snow and for the past two days on “Local 4 News This Morning”, I called for 3″+ of snow.

This was the timeline I gave Friday morning for the storm.

Snow Potential

Well, now that we’re just a day or so away from the start of the snow, the data is newer and the snowfall amounts can be more specific than 3″+.

After conferring with my colleague Andy McCray, we’re thinking 3-5″ of snow for much of the area late Saturday night through Sunday night.


Slightly higher amounts are expected across the far north and lesser amounts across the far south.

I’m actually buying into this snow being on the “high end” of those ranges.  So, several 5″ totals are pretty realistic at this point.

It’ll be rather windy, so there’ll be a lot of blowing and drifting of snow Sunday into Monday

I’ll have another update Saturday morning to let you know if anything changes overnight. Make sure to keep up on the latest forecast.

Snow's a comin'

Except for the bitter cold, Saturday will be a great day to run errands.  That way, you can enjoy Valentine’s Day and the snow Sunday!


Snow Storm Friday Night & Saturday

UPDATED POST:  Friday, November 20,2015, 3:55 p.m.

Snow is already falling across much of central and western Iowa and there have been snowflakes Friday afternoon in eastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois.

The “Winter Storm Warning” and the “Winter Weather Advisory” issued this morning are still in place until noon Saturday.

Looking at the latest data just coming in gives me confidence in my earlier forecast and blog update.

The snow will become widespread into the early evening across the north and spread into the Quad Cities and southern hometowns this evening and early tonight.

It will become heavy overnight with about a nine-hour window of moderate snow.

Looking at the snow forecast map from earlier today, I’m inclined to think that the final totals will be on the high end of the range.

Snow Forecast 1120

In our far northern hometowns, a few spots could get a foot of snow!

By the way, I went to the grocery this afternoon for two things.  Big mistake!  I think all of Moline was there.

Have a great weekend  and be safe.  Make the best of it if you’re not a snow lover.


ORIGINAL POST:  Friday, November 20,2015, 4:14 a.m.

Here’s the short and sweet (or not so sweet for those that don’t want snow) for the significant winter storm coming in Friday evening through Saturday morning.

It looks like a lot of snow will be falling in the overnight hours.

1120 warning advisory

All of the area is now under either a “Winter Storm Warning” (yellow — 6 p.m. Friday through noon Saturday) or a “Winter Weather Advisory” (blue — 9 p.m. Friday through noon Saturday).

A rain and snow mix will begin this afternoon across the area and it’ll be all rain from the Quad Cities southward.

The rain/snow mix will change to all snow north later this evening north and west, in the Quad Cities before midnight, and then to all snow overnight for the rest of the area.

After midnight, snow will be coming down at a moderate to heavy clip and that’s when we’ll get the most accumulation.

The snow should wind down for all of the area by noon Saturday.  After that, it’ll be bitterly cold Sunday morning with lows in the single digits to near 10°.

Now, before I post my updated (and higher) snowfall forecast map, I want to say that I’m still very concerned about how long we see rain or a rain/snow mix before the transition to all snow AND, most of all, the warm ground temperatures.

Snow Forecast 1120

While I do expect moderate to heavy snowfall amounts because it will be coming down hard in the overnight hours Friday into Saturday, I really wouldn’t be surprised that some of the snow compacts and melts and lowers the final snowfall totals.

Keep up on the latest updates through Friday.


A Weekend To Warm Hearts

Valentine’s Day weekend is here and this year it comes after a Friday the 13th!


Let’s hope that Jason isn’t your partner because you’re likely not going to get roses or champagne by the crackling fire!


But, you never know, they may have cut those scenes from the “Friday the 13th” movies!

While temperatures are going to be bitterly cold in the Quad Cities this weekend, that won’t keep people away from the movie theaters for a date with Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.


This weekend, to celebrate our sixth Valentine’s Day together, Ray is going to make his famous lasagna.  Okay, while it may not be famous, it should be because it’s delicious!

As for gifts, we have something for Gretel, our 13-year-old daughter.  As for us, we know how we feel for each other and we don’t need a gift to express that.  However, we may still pick up a box of chocolates Sunday for half price just to blow the healthy eating for a day or two!

On the other hand, I would definitely settle for a bag of the new “limited edition” Red Velvet Oreos!  Have you tried them yet?  Are they tasty?


And, how would this be to top off a weekend of love, Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream?

Mercers Wine Ice Cream

Yes, ice cream with actual wine.  It comes in eight incredible flavors:  Peach White Zinfandel, Strawberry Sparkling, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Riesling, Port, Spice, Cherry Merlot, and Chocolate Cabaret.

Chocolate Cabanet Wine

The closest stores that carry it to the Quad Cities are Hy-Vee locations in Iowa City, Iowa, and Sycamore and Springfield, Illinois.

Since I won’t be driving there on this bitterly cold weekend and we do have the bottles of chocolate red wine, maybe we could mix that with ice cream and make our wine milk shakes!

Otherwise, our romantic weekend will consist of some fun adult beverages, watching movies and television, a crackling fire, and a nice family weekend.

Happy Valentine’s Day to your and yours.

If you’re single, Happy Valentine’s Day to you!  I had many of those and I didn’t mind since I could eat all of the chocolates myself — except what I shared with ABBA, my golden retriever.  Yes, I know you’re not “supposed” to give dogs chocolate, but it was in moderation!


Heavy Snow Later Today

We dropped below zero this morning in the Quad Cities for the first time this winter.  The last below zero morning was in early March 2014 when it was -12°.

Much colder air is on the way by the middle of the week after a moderate to heavy blanket of snow falls Monday evening and Monday night.


A “Winter Storm Warning” goes into effect in the yellow shading later Monday into early Tuesday morning and a “Winter Weather Advisory for the same time frame in the blue shading.

Here’s how much snow will fall this evening and overnight tonight.

The heaviest snow will fall between 6 p.m. Monday and midnight.

Snow Forecast

By Tuesday night, we drop to -5° to -15° for lows and Wednesday’s highs will stay below zero.

Wednesday night’s lows will be in -10° to -20° range and wind chills could make it feel more like -20° to -40°.

Be careful this week with the cold and snow, it’s going to be brutal.


Into The “Deep Freeze” For a Few Days

The big weather story over the next 72 hours will be the bitterly cold temperatures and dangerous, life-threatening wind chills.  Blowing snow today could also be a problem, especially north of the Quad Cities.

Before we talk about the cold and the wind chills, let’s talk snow.

With the blowing wind, it was hard to get an accurate measurement of the snow Saturday night, but amounts were not as heavy as forecast with 3″ across the far north and lesser amounts to the south.

Even with the official 0.7″ of snow in the Quad Cities, it pushes us into the record books.  This is now the 10th snowiest January on record in the metro area.

For the winter, the Quad Cities are now up to 31.6″ of snow.

Winter Snow

That is our average snowfall for the season and without being a meteorologist, you know that we’ll be getting more snow this winter!  Right now, we’re just about a foot of snow shy of this being one of the 25 snowiest winters on record in the Quad Cities.

Now, let’s talk wind, cold, and wind chills.  Here are all of the advisories and warnings for Illinois and Iowa.  Let me sort it out.

Sunday Monday Weather Iowa Winter Weather

The fuchsia coloring over the Quad Cities, eastern Iowa, and northwestern Illinois is a “Winter Storm Warning” from 6 p.m. Sunday to 3 p.m. Monday for bitterly cold wind chills and blowing snow.

The red across central Iowa is a “Blizzard Warning” from noon Sunday to midnight for bitter cold wind chills and blowing snow causing white out conditions.

The blues are various warnings and advisories for wind chills and that gold-ish brown color in western Iowa is a “High Wind Warning”.

Deep Freeze

Temperatures tonight will drop to around -5° to -15°, but with the strong winds factored in, it’ll feel more like -20° to -40°.

Monday’s highs will stay below zero and Monday night’s lows will drop to around -15° to -20°, which would make it the coldest night this winter!

Slight improvement is on the way Tuesday.  We might actually climb to near zero or above, especially in our southern hometowns.  Meanwhile, the northern hometowns will stay below zero.

However, with winds of 20 to 40 miles-per-hour through Wednesday, wind chill factors will stay in the -20° to -40° range and even colder to the north.


We finally start climbing out of the “deep freeze” Wednesday with highs the rest of the week in the teens and 20s — above zero!

More light snow is possible later today, Thursday, and, again, next weekend.