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Very Heavy Snow Today & Tonight!

UPDATED POST:  Monday, November 26, 2018, 10:31 a.m.

The final official snowfall for the Quad Cities in Moline is 13.8″.  Davenport picked up 11.9″.

This is the most snow that has ever fallen on any day or from any storm in Moline in the month of November.

Other snow totals:  14″ Fulton (IL); 14″ Dewitt (IA); 13″ Washington (IA); 13″ Chadwich (Carroll County, IL); 12″ Clinton (IA); 11″ Muscatine (IA); 11″ Park View (Scott County, IA); 11″ Richmond (Washington County, IA); 10.5″ Wheatland (Clinton County, IA); 10.1″ Long Grove (Scott County, IA); 10″ West Burlington (IA); 10″ New Boston (Mercer County, IL); 10″ Fairfield, IA; 9.8″ Geneseo (IL); 9″ Bettendorf (IA); 9″ Morrison (IL); 9″ Rock Falls (IL); 9″ East Moline (IL); 8.8″ Hills (Johnson County, IA); 8.3″ Iowa City (IA); 7.6″ Camanche (IA); 7.4″ Sterling (IL); 7″ Galva (IL); 7″ Fairfield (IA); and 7″ Milan (IL).

UPDATED POST:  Sunday, November 25, 2018, 12:20 p.m.

Much of the area has been upgraded to a “Blizzard Warning” through 6 a.m.  Monday.  This replaces the “Winter Storm Warning” for many of you.

Updated QC Warnings

What this means is that blizzard conditions are more likely.

This is a life threatening situation with about a foot of heavy snow falling, colder temperatures, and wind gusts over 40 mph.

QC Snow

Alert your friends and please be safe!


ORIGINAL POST:  Sunday, November 25, 2018, 8:15 a.m.

Heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions are on the way to Illinois and Iowa today and some locations will see a foot or more of snow!

The latest computer models are coming in with more moisture to work with and this means higher snow totals!

Early Sunday morning, rain was still falling across eastern Iowa, but it had already changed over to snow in Des Moines.

By mid-morning, the rain will become a wintry mix and then all snow.  Heavy snow, with rates of an inch or two per hour, will fall this evening and early tonight.

Along with the heavy snow and falling temperatures, winds will be very strong.  This will cause “white out” and blizzard-like conditions.

Here’s the wind forecast for today through Monday morning.


A “Winter Storm Warning” covers much of northern Illinois and eastern Iowa and just to the west of this warning is a “Blizzard Warning” for parts of Iowa.

Updated QC Warnings


Here’s the updated, higher snow forecast for the Quad Cities and surrounding areas!


When all is said and done, some locations may see slightly less than this range and some will see more.

But, this is going to be a major snow and wind event!

Please prepare early for the heavy snow and be safe!!!


Winter Storm for the Quad Cities

UPDATED POST:  Sunday, November 25, 2018, 8:42 a.m.

More snow is expected than previously forecast.  Here’s the updated totals and thinking on the storm.  Click on the link:



UPDATED POST:  Saturday, November 24, 2018, 3:27 p.m.

The timing on the storm below still looks good.

In the latest models, it looks like the heaviest of the snow is shifting some to the south.

So, I’ve updated the snowfall totals map and here’s the latest warning and advisory map.

Updated QC Warnings.JPG

The “Winter Storm Watch” from earlier over toward Chicagoland is now updated to a “Winter Storm Warning”, as I expected.

And, a “Blizzard Warning” is now in effect around Ottumwa, Iowa!

On the snowfall totals map here, the swath of blue is where the best likelihood of the heaviest snow will fall.


Another update will be posted Sunday morning!

ORIGINAL POST:  Saturday, November 24, 2018, 9 a.m.

Quad Cities, the first really big snowstorm of the season is on the way!

Enjoy the great weather Saturday because moderate to heavy snow and strong winds are forecast for Sunday, just as the Thanksgiving holiday weekend wraps up!

I’ll keep it short, so you don’t have to read a lot.  I’ll tell you what you need to know because I probably won’t be answering questions!

Here’s a snapshot of what I’m thinking.  Keep up on the latest forecast, especially Sunday morning because the axis of heavy snow could shift!

Most of eastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois are under a “Winter Storm Warning” Sunday.

La Salle County, Illinois, that blue indicates a “Winter Storm Watch”, which may be upgraded to a “Winter Storm Warning” later Saturday for Sunday.

Rain will develop Saturday night and change over to snow Sunday morning from north to south.

The snow will be heaviest from late Sunday morning through the afternoon hours.

Gusty winds and falling temperatures will also produce blizzard-like conditions and low visibilities.

As for snow totals, the faster the rain changes over to snow, the better chance that you’ll see higher the snow totals in this range.

Again, keep up on the latest forecast.  Any shift in the storm track will affect these snow totals (“snotals”) 🙂

If anything major changes in my thinking on this storm, I’ll post another update.

I’m just looking out for my Peeps back home!  Be safe!



How Will This Blizzard Affect Us?

It’s been a very warm November, but some big changes are on the way.

Before that happens, we’ll likely reach a record high of 75° in the Quad Cities Thursday.

While we start out warm Friday morning in the low-60s, a strong cold front will pass through the area bringing wind, crashing temperatures, and the coldest air of the season this weekend.

This front is associated with the season’s first powerful storm that will bring moderate to heavy snow to parts of the Plains and upper Midwest.


Blizzard conditions are expected across parts of Minnesota and South Dakota.  A foot of snow and 60 mile-per-hour winds are possible there Friday.

For us, we could see a few showers later Friday.

As the cold air and wind comes in, some wrap around moisture may bring a few snowflakes Friday night and early Saturday.

However, it’ll be nothing like the snowstorm that hit us just before Thanksgiving last year (November 20th and 21st). You didn’t forget that record 9.9″ of snow that broke the 1974 record of 9.8″?

Record Snow Nov

Snow Saturday Morning

If you’re heading out to the Festival of Trees parade in Davenport Saturday, it’ll be breezy and chilly.

By afternoon, for Moline’s “Lighting on the Commons”, it’ll still be very cold, but the winds will start to subside.

Sunday look nice, but chilly.  Highs will be aorund 43°.

Meteorologist Anthony Peoples

Heavy Snow & Wind For Much of Iowa

For a week now, I’ve been talking about a big winter storm with its sights set on the Midwest.  I’ve been telling you to keep up on the latest forecast because some parts of Iowa could be picking up some heavy snow.

Now that the storm system is near Las Vegas, Nevada, Monday morning and will move to the southern Plains this evening and then to the Great Lakes by Wednesday morning, I’m pretty confident in forecasting mainly a rain event for the Quad Cities and most of Illinois and mostly a snow event for Iowa (except for the southeastern part of the state).

We’ll see a wintry mix late tonight that’ll change over to rain for the Quad Cities and much of Illinois Tuesday. By the time it ends Tuesday night, the rain will change back to light snow. Here’s how much snow may fall.


As you can see, this snow will more of a driving inconvenience for the Quad Cities, southeastern Iowa, and much of Illinois, with an inch or less of snow expected.  But, we could see anywhere from one-half to one inch of rain!

Just to the northwest of the Quad Cities, 1-3″ of snow may fall around Galena, Illinois, back to Maquoketa, Iowa.  Isolated 4″ totals are possible.

However, western and central Iowa may easily pick up 3-8″ of snow with a few higher totals.  If that wasn’t bad enough, there will be a lot of wind with this storm causing blizzard conditions.

Look at the warnings out of the Des Moines National Weather Service office.


The red indicates a “Blizzard Warning” and the fuchsia is a “Winter Storm Warning”.  It’s going to dangerous across much of Iowa Tuesday and Tuesday night.

Once again, the Quad Cities will be missing out on the big snow this time.

It was one year ago today that we picked up 13.8″ from a snowstorm that actually started out as rain!


Heavy Snow Missing the Quad Cities

ORIGINAL POST: Sunday, January 31, 2016, 2:22 p.m.

The snowstorm that’ll bring heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions to much of western and central Iowa is now ashore out west.  It’ll be moving to the southern Plains tomorrow and then to the Great Lakes by Wednesday morning.

For most of eastern Iowa, northern Illinois, and the Quad Cities, it looks like we’ll be on the warmer side for much of the storm.

We may see some light snow or a wintry mix late Monday night that’ll change to rain for much of Tuesday.  By late Tuesday evening, we’ll be changing back over to light snow and we could get some minor accumulation.


You see that the low pressure system is pretty much right over the Quad Cities area and this is why we’ll see mostly rain (one-half to three-quarters of an inch), that is represented by the light and dark green.

You see a lot of dark blue across much of Iowa.  That’s the heavy snow.  6″+ of wind-blown snow is not out of the question.

As of this afternoon, much of Iowa, including Waterloo, is under a “Blizzard Watch” for late Monday evening through late Tuesday night.  This will likely be upgraded to a “Blizzard Warning” or a “Winter Storm Warning”.

Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, and Jackson County, Iowa, along with Jo Daviess County, Illinois, are under a “Winter Storm Watch” from late Monday night through late Tuesday night.


So, what are the chances of seeing 6″ of snow or greater? The brown over the Quad Cities show the chances at zero to 5%.

I’ll have the latest and all you need to know bright and early Monday morning on “Local 4 News this Morning” from 5-7 a.m.


Flooding Rains, Thunderstorms, & Snow All In One Day!


That last round of thunderstorms has now pushed us up to 1.28″ of rain since midnight at Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois.

Our monthly precipitation total now stands at 2.82″.  That means this is now the 10th wettest February on record in the Quad Cities, in addition to the snowiest February on record and one of the coldest Februarys on record!


Our first thunderstorms of 2014 moved through the area early Thursday morning.

Morning Radar

More showers and thunderstorms will move through the area through early Thursday afternoon.  Some of the storms to the east of us this afternoon may contain hail.

We could see another one-half to one inch of rain, especially from the Quad Cities south and east.

It’s a much different story across Iowa today.  Heavy snow, up to 10″-12″ in some locations, is on the way.  Here are the latest advisories.

Iowa Advisories

The red you see in Iowa is a “Blizzard Warning”.  The purple is a “Winter Weather Advisory” and the fuchsia is a “Winter Storm Warning”.

Illinois Iowa Advisories

Closer to the Quad Cities, the problem today will be potential flooding and wind.  The tan-colored area is a “Wind Advisory” and the maize color is a “High Wind Warning”.

Winds late this afternoon and tonight will blow out of the west at 20-50 miles-per-hour.

We’ll also see light snow that will become blowing snow and reducing visibilities.  Most locations will see little, if any, accumulation around the Quad Cities.  Up around Dubuque, Iowa, we may pick up 1-2″.

Be safe out there this afternoon and tonight.



The next 24 hours will feature a little bit of everything, so it should satisfy all:  sunshine and 40°+ today, heavy rain and thunderstorms tonight, and snow, howling winds, falling temperatures, and blizzard-like conditions Thursday afternoon and evening!

Iowa and Illinois, brace yourself!  You know what they say:  “If you don’t like the weather in the Midwest, wait 15 minutes and it’ll change!”

First off, take a look at the advisories for Illinois and Iowa and then I’ll try to sort it out.  And, thank you to the Quad Cities and Des Moines National Weather Service offices for these easy to read maps.

Iowa Illinois AdvisoriesIowa Advisories

First off, the green indicates a “Flood Watch” from 3 a.m. until 3 p.m. Thursday.

Rain and a few thunderstorms will move across eastern Iowa and northern Illinois later tonight and Thursday morning.  Rainfall amounts could easily top one inch.

This rain falling on the frozen ground and the melting snow from the past couple of days will cause considerable runoff and there’s nowhere for the water to go!

Here are the forecast maps at 6 p.m. Thursday from both the GFS and the NAM.

18Z GFS Thursday 6 pm 18Z Thursday 6pm NAM

Both basically show the storm moving right over the Quad Cities during the evening.   This means we’ll stay in the warmer air longer and have a shorter window of snow.

So, late in the day Thursday, temperatures will crash and the rain will mix with and quickly change over to snow as the winds start howling out of the northwest at 20-40 miles-per-hour (mph) with 50 mph gusts possible.

Accumulations in the Quad Cities will be around 1-2″ before the snow ends late Thursday night.

South and southeast of the Quad Cities, an inch or less of snow is possible.

Northwest of the Quad Cities, 2-3″ may accumulate.  However, it’s not the amount of snow that is the problem.  It’s the combination of wind and snow that will reduce visibilities off to the northwest causing blizzard-like conditions.

Since this storm is developing out in the Rockies, there could be a shift.


Make sure you check the latest weather forecast Thursday morning before heading off to work or school.

I’d greatly appreciate it if it’s “CBS4 News This Morning” from 5-7 a.m that you choose. 🙂


Calm Before The Snow & Next Arctic Chill

UPDATED POST:  SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 2014, 4:08 p.m.

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine.  However, falling temperatures into the teens and wind chills below zero made the day less desirable.

Snow is on the way late tonight into Sunday.

A “Winter Weather Advisory” is in effect for the Quad Cities from midnight through 9 a.m. Sunday for the snow coming in.  However, on the map above, a “Winter Storm Warning” (fuchsia) goes into effect from 6 p.m. Sunday through 3 p.m. Monday for bitter cold temperatures and wind chills, along with blowing and drifting snow.

There could be some 4″ isolated totals around the Quad Cities and to the north, an isolated 5″ total is not out of the question.

As I blogged earlier today, I didn’t anticipate any changes in the temperatures and wind chill forecast.  So, I’m going to copy and paste that from my earlier update so you don’t have to search for it!

It’ll be rather mild the first part of Sunday in the 20s and 30s.  However, once the Arctic cold front passes through in the afternoon, temperatures will quickly fall through the teens and then the single digits Sunday evening and by Monday morning, we’ll be well below zero.

With temperatures of -5° to -15° Monday morning and winds of 20-40 MPH, wind chills will be in the -20° to -40° range.

Highs will remain below zero Monday and Monday night’s lows will drop to -10° to -20° with wind chill factors of -25° to -50° (far north)!

No real recovery is expected Tuesday.  By the middle and end of the week, temperatures will be more bearable!



This weekend will start off sunny, windy, and colder today and end on a bone-chilling and possibly life-threatening note with snow, blowing snow, very cold temperatures, and dangerous wind chills Sunday.

Friday night’s snow is now over and the sun will return today.  Morning temperatures in the 20s and 30s will fall into the single digits and teens today and wind chills (the way it actually feels outside) will go below zero.

Our next snow begins Saturday night and ends Sunday.

Right now, a “Winter Weather Advisory” is in effect today through 9 a.m. Sunday for the snow that fell Friday night and for the falling temperatures and re-freezing today. This also covers the snow coming in tonight and early Sunday that could accumulate to a few inches, especially north.

A “Winter Storm Watch” goes into effect Sunday afternoon through Monday morning for the snow and blowing snow, bitterly cold temperatures and wind chills that arrive Sunday afternoon into Monday morning.

While today will be snow free, the snow will develop northwest to southeast across the area well after dark tonight.  There will be several hours of moderate snow.

Since we’re Midwesterners, this isn’t a huge snow event.  However, with winds increasing to 20-40 miles-per-hour (MPH) Sunday afternoon and Sunday night, there’ll be considerable blowing snow, which could cause white out conditions!

Now, let’s talk temperatures.  It’ll be rather mild the first part of Sunday in the 20s and 30s.

However, once the Arctic cold front passes through in the afternoon, temperatures will quickly fall through the teens and then the single digits Sunday evening and by Monday morning, we’ll be well below zero.

With temperatures of -5° to -15° Monday morning and winds of 20-40 MPH, wind chills will be in the -20° to -40° range.

Highs will remain below zero Monday and Monday night’s lows will drop to -10° to -20° with wind chill factors of -25° to -50° (far north)!

No real recovery is expected Tuesday.  By the middle and end of the week, temperatures will be more bearable!

I know from the number of shares of my blog Friday night and the more than 7,500 views in about 12 hours that you’re taking this seriously.  Thank you.  I appreciate you getting the word out.

Be safe and I’ll have another update today, especially if the snow forecast totals change. The cold and wind forecast will NOT be changing.


Snow Tonight, But Very Dangerous Sunday

If you’ve been following my forecast this week on CBS4, you know that I’ve been talking about two snow events this weekend, along with gusty winds and very cold temperatures into early next week.

I want to give you a quick update because it’s shaping up to be very dangerous Sunday and Monday with blizzard or blizzard-like conditions!

First off, for tonight, light snow will quickly race through the area and we’ll pick up accumulations of about 1-2″.

The light, fluffy snow will be blown around by winds of 15-30 miles-per-hour causing reduced visibility tonight and Saturday.

While the sun will be shining Saturday, that’ll be deceiving because we’ll see falling temperatures into the single digits, along with gusty winds and blowing snow.

Now, let’s talk about the next system coming in Saturday night and Sunday because this is where conditions deteriorate for the rest of the weekend into early next week!

Snow is likely Saturday night and Sunday.  It’s looking more and more likely that another 1-3″ of snow (possibly 4″) will fall in that time period.  If it was just snow, that wouldn’t be that much of a problem.

However, it’ll be accompanied by very gusty winds and bitterly cold, falling temperatures.  The map above indicates that a “Winter Storm Watch” is in effect for the Quad Cities (blue shading) for Sunday afternoon into Monday morning.  This could very well be upgraded to a “BLIZZARD WARNING” late in the weekend.

While there will be snow on Sunday, there’ll be considerable blowing and drifting snow into Monday, which could cause the blizzard conditions.

Winds from noon Sunday through Monday afternoon will be out of the northwest at 15-30 miles-per-hour (MPH) with wind gusts of 25-45 MPH!

Now, let’s talk life-threatening temperatures and wind chills.

From Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon, temperatures will likely be below zero, as cold as -15°.

When you combine those temperatures with winds of 15-40 MPH, we’ll have brutally cold wind chills of -25° to -50°!

For those of you that know me and my forecasting style of not over dramatizing weather events unless it warrants, THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.

To sum this all up: between now and Sunday, 2-5″ of snow (possibly 6″) will fall across eastern Iowa and northern Illinois.  Along with the snow, blustery winds will cause considering blowing and drifting snow.  By the end of the weekend into Monday and Tuesday, life-threatening temperatures (lows of -10° to -20°) and wind chills (-25° to -50°) are likely. 

Please share this information with your friends via social media.

I’ll have more updates throughout the weekend in my blog and on “CBS4 News This Morning” Monday morning beginning at 5 a.m.

Be safe!


Stop Calling Winter Storms Names!

It’s Saturday morning and, if you have traditional weekends, that means you’re off work today and I hope you have something fun planned.  You’d better get out and enjoy your day today in the Quad Cities with the cloudy, rain-free skies, and mild temperatures because it’s turns rainy and, possibly, stormy late tonight and Sunday.

CT Snow

We have it much better than New England where more than two to three feet of snow has fallen with a winter storm battering the northeast.  The storm has cancelled thousands of flights and has closed down Boston’s Logan Airport and New York City’s three major airports.

While this is a huge, even historic, winter storm, there is another blizzard forecast to get going tonight through early Monday across the Dakotas into Nebraska and Colorado.

This storm will bring snow from the Great Lakes to the Southwest and it will bring the rain and thunderstorms to the Mississippi and Illinois Valleys tonight and Sunday.  However, it doesn’t affect the metropolitan Northeast.  That means you might not have heard about it.

But, I want to talk about that northeastern storm again.  As a meteorologist, I really hate the idea of naming winter storms.  I think that should be relegated to tropical storms and hurricanes just as we’ve done since the 1950.

If I mention the Quad Cities blizzard of 2011, I know you instantly think back to that three-day winter storm that dropped a historic 18.4″ of snow on the metro area January 30-February 2, 2011.  Right?

February 2 2011 Blizzard 2-2-2011

And, while I’ve already expressed that I don’t agree with naming winter storms, who was the bird brain (sorry, birds) who came up with the name “Nemo”?

This is a winter storm that has already crippled the northeastern United States and will continue to cause problems for days to come.  While most people are taking the warnings seriously, it’s also become the center of jokes.

Winter Storm Nemo

Seriously!  How are people going to see these winter storms as life threatening with cartoons like this popping up on the internet and snow preparation videos about the end of the world on YouTube with Nemo coming???

People don’t do the same thing when you say a hurricane very similar to Katrina is going to make landfall.  The meteorologists that came up with this horrible idea need to reconsider this and retire the “name calling” before the winter of 2013-2014.

What’s next, “Winter Storm Gaga”?  That would be a “mother monster” of a winter storm!  Instead of put your shovels up, “put your paws up”!

Do you want your winter storms named???




Let’s Talk About A Real Snowstorm!

After record-setting temperatures Tuesday, snow moved into Iowa and Illinois Tuesday night and Wednesday dropping anywhere from a couple of inches in the Quad Cities to around 8.5″ in Independence, Iowa, in Buchanan County, near Waterloo.  For the most part, snowfall amounts across the Mississippi and Illinois Valleys were in the 1-7″ range.

This is a big deal in a winter that has only seen the one decent snow right before Christmas, especially when you factor in the wind and the much colder temperatures.

However, think back two years ago.  Snow started falling on January 31, 2011, and by the time the storm departed February 2, 2011, the Quad Cities tied the record for a single snowstorm with the one from January 11-13, 1979 at 18.4″!

Blizzard 2-2-2011

The bulk of the snow in 2011, 14.8″ fell on February 1st, with 1.7″ the day before that, and 1.9″ the day after the big snow.  If you look at those totals, the 16.7″ that fell on February 1st and 2nd set the record for the most snow in 24 hours in the Quad Cities!

Growing up in Kentucky, this was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.  While we saw a few big snows down South, it was nothing like this.  I never saw snows like this in my four years I lived in Chicago.  However, a few of the snows I saw in northeastern Ohio rivaled this.

On the day of the big snow, Ray and I cleared the driveway several times that evening so I’d be able to get to work at 2 a.m. since I was still on the morning show.  When it was time to leave for work, I backed out of the driveway and was only able to move a few feet since the street had not been plowed.  I had to make the decision to risk driving to work and getting stuck or walking 1.8 miles to the station.

Like an idiot, I chose to walk in a blizzard at 2 a.m. in more than 18″ of snow.  So, I called Charlie, my producer, and told him which route I was taking in case I wasn’t there in 30 minutes.  This is me as I was walking to work.  Insane!

February 2 2011 (2)

I made it to work and finished my shift and then I went home and cleared the snow out of the fenced-in back yard since we still had the blind shar-pei, Mr. Panda.  He hated the snow.  But, as you can see, Miss ABBA was having blast in it!

February 2 2011

Days later, Gretel, and I took advantage of the snow by playing snow zombie attack and Ray helped us dig a tunnel, which ABBA loved.

February 5 2011 February 6 2011

After that very snowy winter, last winter we only saw 16.9″ of snow.  That’s about one-half of what we typically see in a winter (31.6″).

Shockingly, the snow Wednesday only pushes our total this winter up to 9.6″ in Moline!

It’s funny that even with the snow drought, people still complain that the little bit of snow we’ve gotten the past two winters is still too much!