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Cupcakes For A Dining Experience To Remember

As you know, we’re still in Las Vegas.  I had promised to blog about the Lady Gaga concert Friday night.  However, because I want to add some video of my “Born This Way Ball” experience, it will now be on Tuesday once I get back to the Quad Cities.  Let me just say that it was amazing.  Here’s one photo to whet your appetite.


Seven rows from Lady Gaga!

The resort that we stayed at Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night is off the strip, so we’ve gotten to do a lot of walking.  As a matter of fact, we walked more than 16 miles on Friday.  That is not a typo!  Needless to say, I don’t think we’ve gained any weight while here even with buffets.  The reason is that we’ve limited our meals and buffets to one a day.

On Thursday, we ate lunch at Palace Station.  It’s located off the Strip and is a favorite for locals.   It was very cheap and you pretty much got what you paid for.  While not great and not bad, it served the purpose of a quick-lunch once we got situated in our room.

We had one meal Friday for lunch and I’m talking about that today because it was fantastic.  We also ate dinner at the Mirage Friday night at Cravings Buffet thanks to a buy one, get one free deal (with free unlimited wine) from Travelzoo.  Today, we’re having our one meal, Sunday brunch at the Stratosphere with unlimited mimosa and champagne for only about $20 a person.  We ate there for my birthday in October and it was probably the best brunch/buffet I’ve ever eaten.  I hope it is today, as well.


But, this is about the Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood.  It was picked as one of the Top Ten buffets in Las Vegas and after having lunch there, I agree.

I made a video of me walking from one end of the food section of this restaurant to the other that I’ll download and post when I get back to the Quad Cities.  Let’s just say that it took me more than two minutes to record it.  That is how many selections this place had.  A picture would not do it justice since there were so many stations to choose from:  several American presentations, Italian, Middle Eastern, Seafood, Mexican, salad bar, and many others.


That’s one of my plates.  Yes, I had more than two.  But, I also just grab a bite of what I want to sample and if it’s exceptional, I’ll get more like that red-colored Mediterranean grilled chicken kabob.

One of the best things we ate was a herb coated, boneless fried chicken!

Now, I want to share the part that blew me away.  The dessert station consisted of traditional fare like bread puddings and fruit tarts, but it’s the selection of cupcakes that pushed this dining experience to spectacular.  You didn’t have a couple of traditional flavors to choose from, you had rows and rows of cupcakes.  I can recall seeing pumpkin, caramel apple, red velvet, chocolate mousse, cannoli-flavored with a cannoli sticking out of the top, and banana just to name a few.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And, if that wasn’t enough to set the Spice Market Buffet apart from other Las Vegas buffets, you could top off your dining experience with cotton candy!


I’m sure there are many other great buffets in Las Vegas that I haven’t tried yet.  I know the next time we come, we’re buying the 24-hour buffet cards that certain hotels offer where you can try different casinos and hotel buffets all in one day.  My plan is to have dinner at one place, breakfast at another the next day, and then stop by the Spice Market Buffet for lunch just to eat desserts.  Yes, I want my cupcake and eat it, too.