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Like Sands Through The Hourglass, So Are the “Gays of Our Lives”

UPDATE:  November 15, 2012

Progress is being made and I’m proud to be a witness to it. Congratulations “Days of Our Lives” for showing that love is love and love can be sexy! Wow! Too bad that “Days” wasn’t this progressive when I was a teenager and young adult. But, then again, they didn’t mention gay in the 1980s without the word “AIDS” attached to it!!! (Disclaimer: This may be too risque for some people’s views!)


ORIGINAL POST:  April 2, 2012

Although I don’t watch television any more, I quit watching soap operas back in the early-1990s as I was leaving Kentucky to move to Chicago.  Growing up, we were raised watching NBC soaps and my favorites were “Days of Our Lives” and “Santa Barbara” (1984-1993).

Soap operas are dying off quickly and the ratings are at an all-time low.  The four soaps that are still on the air are “Days of Our Lives”, “The Young and the Restless”, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, and “General Hospital”.

When I decided to write this blog entry, it was solely to compliment “Days” on its bold approach with the Will Horton storyline, but it got me to thinking about my favorite soap opera character, Dr. Marlena Evans, played by Deidre Hall.  So, I will expand on why she rocks my world later in the blog.  But, first, the kudos…

While soaps have flirted with gay characters, “Days” is going all out these days with a gay story line focusing on Will Horton, the son of Sami Brady & Lucas Roberts Horton, not only coming out, but dating!

I think this is a bold move because the world has changed so much over the past twenty years.  I’m proud that television and movies can now show gay characters that are not living or dying of AIDS or are serial killers.  Congratulations “Days” for finally moving into the 21st century “real world”!

And, how cool would it be to have Dr. Marlena Evans as your grandmother?  You only have to watch the first minute of this clip to see how accepting loving relatives and friends should be.  And, when they reference Lady Gaga, the cool factor goes off the chart! 🙂

Now, I want to deviate into total daytime camp and drama.

I always loved the far-fetched story lines on “Days”.  My favorites:  Marlena being killed by the “Salem Strangler”, but it wasn’t Marlena, it was her twin sister; the raven feather serial killer; Stefano DiMera constantly being killed off and then, like the Phoenix, rising from the dead; Vivian Alamain burying Dr. Carly Manning alive; and Marlena being possessed by the devil.

Even after I stopped watching “Days”, I would somehow get caught up in the bizarre story lines when I’d see something on the magazine stand or online, like in 2003-2004 when the “Salem Stalker” killed off most of the veterans on the show.

First, it was Abe Carver (shooting), then Jack Deveraux (brick bludgeoning), Maggie Horton (recovering alcoholic killed by a whiskey bottle), Caroline Brady (poisoning in a church), Cassie Brady (stabbed to death and falling out of a pinata), Roman Brady (killed with a machete, a la “Jason Voorhees – “Friday the 13th”, on his wedding day), Tony DiMera (attacked by a tiger), Doug Williams (having his throat slit on Tom Horton’s grave), and the most shocking of all, the matriarch of “Days”, and Alice Horton (choked to death on her homemade doughnuts)!!!!

Here’s a fun clip of the first seven deaths:

The killer is revealed to be Marlena and it doesn’t end well for her!

The rating jumped drastically as people were left dazed that all of the main characters were being killed off.  But, in true “Days” fashion, it was revealed that none of the characters had been killed.  They were taken to a secret island called “Melaswen”, which is “new Salem” spelled backwards, a replica of the city of Salem!  And, it was a conspiracy by a DiMera.  Shock!

Have I mentioned how much I love Deidre Hall?

You know you’re a fan, even at 12-year-old if you follow Deidre Hall from “Days” to the short-lived, one season run of “Electra Woman and Dyna Girl”, from the producers of  the “Land of the Lost” TV series. 🙂

However, I had to draw the line on “Our House”, her two-season series on NBC, after just a couple of episodes.

So, “Days”, with Will Horton finding love and looking great doing it and Deidre Hall back, give me an over-the-top story line and you might win me back.