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Record Heat, Storms, & Snow — Oh My!

You know the expression.  “You live in the Midwest, so if you don’t like the weather, wait fifteen minutes and it’ll change.”

We’re seeing unprecedented record heat across the Quad Cities this February with five consecutive days with record high temperatures.  Today will be the sixth.


Today’s predicted high of 76° in the Quad Cities will set the all-time record warm temperature for February.  That was just established this past Sunday when we reached 74°.

As of right now, this is the fifth warmest February on record in the Quad Cities.

Even as temperatures drop back to near 60° for highs Thursday and Friday, that’ll still be well above the average of 38° for this time of the year.

Showers will break out Thursday afternoon and build into a more widespread rain with a few thunderstorms Thursday night and Friday.

By Friday night and Saturday, colder air wraps into the storm system and light snow is possible.  We could see some light accumulation from around Interstate 80 northward.


Another wintry mix is possible Sunday.


Incredible Stretch of February Warmth

Is this really February across the Midwest?

Global Warming Protest

Halfway through February, temperatures are running more than five degrees above average, while rain and snowfall are running below average.

After a chilly day Wednesday, but still above average, a big warm-up is on the way.  It’s a warm stretch of weather that is almost unprecedented for February.

As I stated yesterday and the data supports it even more today, we could hit the 60-degree mark or higher Friday through Monday.  That would be four straight days of 60°+ temperatures in February.


Since record-keeping started in the Quad Cities back in the 1870s, this has only happened three times.

In February 2000, we had five consecutive days of 60°+ days.  Highs ranged from 60°-71°.

We saw four days of 60°+ temperatures in February 1976.  The highs ranged from 62°-71°.

But, the longest stretch was in February 1930 when we had seven days of 60°+ heat.  Highs in that stretch ranged from 60°-69°.

Now, tell me again, what was that groundhog’s prediction about winter?


Snowy Start to March 2014

UPDATED POST:  SATURDAY, MARCH 1, 2014, 4:04 p.m.

It’s finally starting to snow.  While I still expect moderate snow tonight, many locations will probably have less snow than I originally called for yesterday and this morning.

So, basically expect about 2-5″.


ORIGINAL POST:  SATURDAY, MARCH 1, 2014, 8:53 a.m.

February ended up being the snowiest February on record in the Quad Cities with 22.3″ of snow.

March is going to start out pretty snowy, too.

Sick of Winter

After a little bit of snow Friday night into early morning Saturday, we’ll get a break until later today when the next round of moderate snow moves through Iowa and Illinois.

Remember, I’m only the messenger.  But, in reality, I’m shooting for 70″ this winter and the all-time record!

This is where we stood Friday night before the weekend snow in the Quad Cities.

Snow Stats -- Friday Morning

Here is how much snow I’m expecting from through Sunday

Snow This Weekend

Although I put this forecast snow graphic together Friday morning, it still looks reasonable this weekend — give or take an inch.

A “Winter Weather Advisory” is in effect from the National Weather Service pretty much from Saturday afternoon into Sunday for all of the area.


On average, the Quad Cities picks up 4″ of snow in the month of March.

Last March, we saw 10.6″ of snow.

And, March 2012 was the warmest March on record in the Quad Cities with an average temperature of 53.3°.  That was 14.2° above average.

It was also the warmest March on record in the United States.