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Feeling Hotter Than Las Vegas

We all know it gets very hot in Las Vegas, Nevada.  However, when we hear people talk about the heat out in the desert metropolis, we always hear, “it’s a dry heat”.

Las Vegas

To me, hot is hot.  However, yesterday’s weather is Las Vegas proved that even a dry heat can feel cooler than the humidity and heat in the Midwest.

In the Quad Cities Sunday afternoon, we hit 92° for the official high.  Yet, at one point, with the humidity factored in, the heat index hit 106°.

2 Cities

At the same time, while the Las Vegas temperature was 109°, the humidity was only 8%.  That combination produced a heat index of 103°.  It actually felt cooler than the temperature.

The bottom line is that your body cools off by sweating and lower humidity dries that sweat and cools your body.

However, when the humidity is high, the sweat can’t evaporate and your body heats up more.

I’ll take the Las Vegas “dry heat” any time!