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A Buffet of Thoughts — A Little of This & That

It feels like one of those days where I’d love to have a buffet!  But, I’m determined to eat healthy through Saturday when I leave for Houston.  So, I’ll have a blog buffet — where I talk a little about this and a little about that.


Watch out, Mitt Romney!!!  If the great people of the Buckeye State are correct and they have been since 1972, you’re in trouble.  Since Ohio is considered a “battleground” state that will be key in deciding the 2012 election, you’d better be spending much of your time, money, and efforts there.

Since 1972, Ohio has picked the winning candidate in the presidential election.  As a matter of fact, since 1944, the state has only picked the wrong candidate in the race for the White House one time!  Back in 1960, Ohio picked Republican Richard Nixon over Democratic winner John F. Kennedy by 6.6%.

In the latest CBS/New York Times/Quinnipiac poll of Ohio voters posted on Real Clear Politics, President Barack Obama leads Romney by 10%!

And, speaking of President Obama, I entered a contest the other day and the winner gets to have dinner with the President before the election.  While a long shot, Gretel is very excited.


While the Quad Cities will enjoy more “Indian Summer-like” weather (NOAA: “Indian Summer” is generally associated with a period of considerably above normal temperatures, accompanied by dry and hazy conditions ushered in on a south or southwesterly breeze”), from this weather map you’d think that a storm would be bringing a dinosaur into the middle of the country!  I saw this a while back and saved it.  Too funny!

Sadly, the forecast for Houston Saturday when we arrive doesn’t look too great and will likely keep us from seeing the “Balloon Glow” of hot air balloons at the Johnson Space Center!   Bummer!  😦


Overnight, I was awakened around 2 a.m. by a noise down on the patio, which is located right below our bedroom window.  One of the cats heard it, too, and she was in the window peering outside.  As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw it.  A raccoon was scurrying around trying to get the can of fish food open after it knocked the container off the patio table.  I ran downstairs and turned on the patio light and it ran up the steps into the backyard away from me.  Like a warrior, I grabbed the water hose and started spraying it into the direction that it ran.

Those are pictures of the fish earlier in the week.  I think we need to find something to keep the raccoons away from them this week while we’re gone.  We definitely didn’t  fatten them up to be a meal for a nocturnal beast!



On Monday, my sister, Tammy, turned 46.  We celebrated by Ray making her dinner and we had pumpkin cake roll for dessert.  Tammy is not the only family member that would have been celebrating a birthday Monday.  She was born on my grandmother Helen’s birthday.

Had my grandmother been alive, she would have been 99 years old!!!


I’m so excited to see the new Ben Affleck movie, “Argo” when it’s released on October 12th.  I’ll be in Las Vegas and I plan on finding a movie theater.  I’ve already expressed interest in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, “The Paperboy”, “Lincoln”, and “Zero Dark Thirty”.  Now, I’ve added another one to the list.

“Entertainment Weekly” calls “The Impossible”, starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, a “shocking tsunami drama” based on one family’s experience of the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit on Christmas Day (our time) 2004.  The trailer looks incredible.


I know that I just blogged two days ago about the new Mattel Barbie coming out and that I still didn’t get my Reba doll from last year, but here are a few nice places you can shop this year and know that some of your money goes toward marriage equality.


While I wait for the new ABC Reba McEntire comedy, “Malibu Country” (November 2nd), the only new television show I’ve checked out this fall is “The New Normal”, from Ryan Murphy (“Glee”, “American Horror Story”, and “Nip/Tuck”).  It focuses on a gay Los Angeles couple (Bryan and David) wanting to have a baby.  Goldie, who just moved to LA from Ohio agrees to be their surrogate mother for $35,000 to go back to law school and to make a better life for her daughter, Shania.

It’s funny and enjoyable.  The premiere episode has been the best.  The ensemble cast is great and the standouts are Ellen Barkin (Goldie’s grandmother), NeNe Leakes (Bryan’s personal assistant), and Bebe Wood (Shania, Goldie’s pre-teen daughter).

Sadly, the ratings for the NBC show have already started slipping from almost 7 million viewers for the first two episodes to around 5 million for Tuesday night’s politically-charged episode, “Obama Mama”.  Check out this extended preview if you haven’t already watched the show.

Tonight (Thursday night), I want to check out CBS’ new take on Sherlock Holmes, “Elementary”.  It’s not because I’m a fan of the detective.  It’s because I’ve had the hots for Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband, Jonny Lee Miller, ever since he played “Eli Stone” on ABC (thanks for cancelling that ABC, bad call!).

Speaking of hots, Miller’s version of Holmes is even tattooed! 🙂

And, finally, Sunday night is the seventh season premiere of “Dexter”.  And, we’re only two weeks away from the new season “The Walking Dead”!  I love this post to thank the show’s 10 million Facebook fans!

And, the new season of “American Horror Story” is coming, along with the final season of “Fringe”.


With the trees beginning to turn and mums opening up, colors are beginning to pop.  Did you know that in the winter of 1636, tulip mania hit Holland and for some time, bulbs traded for the price of houses? Crazy!  Although I’d never pay that much for anything, other than a house, the sight is majestic!


While I await the new Lady Antebellum Christmas CD, “On This Winter’s Night” and  Blake Shelton’s Christmas album (because it features Reba), the album I’m really excited about is Calvin Harris’ “18 Months” (October 29, 2012).

For those that don’t know him, he’s a Scottish DJ and producer.  He also spent 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with Rihanna on “We Found Love”.  He’s also had other hits like, “Feel So Close” and “Let’s Go”.  His new song, “Sweet Nothing”, features Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.

And, FYI, I still cringe when I hear the current Taylor Swift song, “We Are Never Blah Blah Blah”!


I’ll leave with you this amazing quote from Chinese journalist Hu Shuli, “Believe in what you do, do it smartly, and never give up.”

Have a great day and thanks for checking out my buffet blog.


Call Her Maybe, But Don’t Call Her A Drag Queen

After waking up to frosty conditions this weekend and 30° Monday morning in the Quad Cities, temperatures rebounded nicely by afternoon into the 70s and we could be close to 80° today.  Could this be “Indian Summer”?  While there’s no uniform rule for that, it’s usually a period of warm, sunny days that follow a killing frost or freeze.  Regardless of whether you call it “Indian Summer” or not, it’s going to be toasty the next few days.

This is how we used ABBA’s harvested tomatoes before the freeze and it looks very fall-ish.

Ray’s yummy brushetta was just one thing we devoured as we celebrated my sister’s birthday yesterday.  That means today is September 25th and that also means that Christmas is only three months from today!

When Ray went to Wal-Mart Sunday evening, he said the elves (Moline’s version) were busy putting up Christmas trees and decorations in the garden section — just another sign that the summer is over and Christmas is closer than you think or choose to think.

I’m always checking out the pictures that people post on their Facebook pages and some I don’t give a second glance and some I stop and stare at and some I save.  My friend, Rose, posted this gorgeous picture the other day and I thought, “that is too beautiful not to share”, so here it is and welcome to the countdown to Christmas (and winter).

We always go all out decorating for Christmas each year with a live Christmas tree in the living room and many other smaller trees in the other rooms just to use up the Christmas decorations.  In a few weeks, I’ll climb up on the house and put up the outdoor lights.  We love Christmas decorations.

However, this year, because we’re going on the cruise in the days leading up to Christmas, it may change the way we do Christmas this year.  We may or may not have a live tree and we’re not really going to buy presents this year.  Betty (Mom) suggested that we buy one nice gift and have a mystery exchange, which sounds fun.  The cruise is our Christmas present.  (I’ll continue to donate time and money to charity like I do each year for Christmas.)

So, as you make your list and check it twice this year, just like Santa, to figure out who’s been naughty and nice, here’s a suggestion for the good little girls (and boys).  Yes, some boys would like them and enjoy them.  It’s 2012, for Christ sakes.

Meet “Blond Diamond Barbie”!

Mattel will be shipping her to stores and Santa will be delivering many of these new barbies this Christmas.  However, don’t make the mistake of calling her “drag queen” Barbie.  Barbie has been many things (all good, of course), but the creators Phillipe and David Blond, who designed “The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie” says that’s wrong.

A spokesperson for the Blonds’ says, “It is incorrect to label the doll ‘Drag Queen Barbie.’ She is the Blond Diamond Barbie.  She is female. She is the same Barbie that has been a doctor, a teacher and an astronaut, and now she is glamorized in The Blonds creations.”

Seriously, just because Phillipe Blond, one of the creators is a drag enthusiast, you really can’t see any of those influences.  Can you?  I mean everyday women wear sparkly little dresses, have perfect hair, and show legs for days.

Let’s do a quick comparison:  look at “Blond Diamond Barbie” (above) and see if there’s any similarities to Frank Marino of Las Vegas’ “Diva Las Vegas” for any “drag” similarities.

Really, people, you don’t need Mulder and Scully or the FBI to note the similarities (or if you live in fantasy land, the lack of similarities).

If people need to call this Barbie, “Blond Diamond Barbie”, that’s cool.  But, if others want to let Barbie be “Drag Queen Barbie”, let it be.  Who says that DQ Barbie can’t earn dollars lip-synching Madonna, Britney, Cher, Bette, Celine, Reba, or Rihanna in bars across the country if Ken can take off his clothes gyrating around in clubs for dollars like “Magic Mike”!

Dear Santa,

I know you’re too busy to get into social issue debates.  You just make the toys and deliver them.  However, if a little girl wants a dump truck this Christmas and her little brother wants a Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, don’t think about what others will think.  Just make that kid happy.

As for me, last Christmas, you forgot to bring me the Reba McEntire “Fancy” Barbie.

I’ll continue to look for it online and eBay for a good price.  But, if you have one lying around, you know my address.  And, since I have an 11-year-old daughter, you can pretend it’s for her.

Thank you,