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Talented Chicago Hottie Goes Gaga

You know I love Chicago and I love Lady Gaga.  It looks like she’s in no hurry to release a sixth single from “Born This Way”.

I lived in Chicago twice now two years each time and there are some very talented people there — singers and actors.  Clearly, they weren’t in some of the low-budget Chicago-based movies I’ve watched lately.  “Sister Mary”,  I’m talking about you.  Yes, there were some funny lines, but overall, the movie was clearly done on the cheap.

Back to Chicago, talent, and Gaga.  If you thought Mother Monster’s 14-minute epic video to “Marry The Night” was a little weird, here’s a version of the song out of Chicago from Steve Starchild.  He can sing, dance, and is easy on the eyes.

*Sadly, this video was removed and I can’t find another version!*