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Reba’s Treasures That Should Have Been Radio Hits

Reba McEntire’s concert at the Mississippi Valley Fair is Wednesday night, the same day that she’ll be announcing the next single from her “Love Somebody” album.

Reba Love Somebody

A little investigating reveals it’s likely to be “Until They Don’t Love You” since she posted a “clue” of a taxi and the lyrics mention a “yellow cab” and she’s performed the song in concert lately.

However, if I’m correct, that song title may be deja vu.

The country music world was rocked again, twice in as many weeks, when it was announced Monday afternoon that after months of separation, Reba and her husband of 26 years, Narvel Blackstock, are ending their marriage!

The joint statement from Reba and Narvel states, “Despite this being the end of their marriage, they continue to support each other. They have worked together for 35 years and will continue to do so.”  Anyone who’s followed Reba’s career since the late-1980s knows that to be true.

I wish them both the very best and I’m happy they’ll continue to work together.

Now, back to the topic of today’s blog.

Reba Love Somebody

Reba’s first album in over four years, “Love Somebody” was released back in April.  The first single, “Going Out Like That”, came out in January and the new single will be announced this week.

With that being said, there are four other standout tracks that may or may not be released as singles down the line:  “Livin’ Ain’t Killed Me Yet”, “That’s When I Knew”, Promise Me Love”, and “Just Like Them Horses”.  I’m mentioning these selections because, one day, they may make my top 20 list of favorite Reba album tracks that were never released as singles.


Anthony Twitter

Since releasing her self-titled debut album in October 1977, Reba has released a total of 30 studio albums (including two Christmas and two “live” discs).  So, when it comes to selecting your favorite Reba songs that were never released as official singles, there’s more than 300 songs to narrow down to a small list.

I took on that challenge.  My initial list contained 65 songs. From there, I cut some and the number dropped to 36.

And, then it was a pain-staking process to choose what Reba tracks I thought should have been released to country radio as singles.  I hope you enjoy the list and please feel free to share your favorite Reba songs that were never released or didn’t make the Billboard Top 40 Country chart.


“She’s The One Loving You Now”

Album:  “Have I Got A Deal For You” (June 1985)


“Ease The Fever”

Album:  “Heart To Heart” (September 1981)


“Someone Else”

Album:  “The Last One To Know” (September 1987)


“Lonely Alone”

Album:  “If You See Him” (June 1998)


“She’s Single Again”

Album:  “Have I Got A Deal For You” (June 1985)

#15 Movie

“Love Revival”

Album:  “Room To Breathe” (November 2003)

#14 Movie

“Moving Oleta”

Album:  “Room To Breathe” (November 2003)


“This Is My Prayer For You”

Album:  “The Secret of Giving:  A Christmas Collection” (September 1999)


“When You Love Somebody Like That”

Album:  “Reba:  Duets” (September 2007)

#11 Movie

“She Came On Like Lightnin’”

Album:  “Oklahoma Girl” (1994)


“Why Not Tonight”

Album:  “What Am I Gonna Do About You” (October 1986)


“O Holy Night”

Album:  “Merry Christmas To You” (1987)


“The Secret of Giving”

Album:  “The Secret of Giving:  A Christmas Collection” (September 1999)

#7 CD

“Sky Full Of Angels”

Album:  “Room To Breathe” (November 2003)

#6 CD

“Now You Tell Me”

Album:  “Rumor Has It” (August 1990)


“I Don’t Want To Mention Any Names”

Album:  “The Last One To Know” (September 1987)


“Read My Mind”

Album:  “Read My Mind” (April 1994)

#3 CD

“He Wants To Get Married”

Album:  “It’s Your Call” (December 1992)

#2 CD

“If I Had Only Known”

Album:  “For My Broken Heart” (October 1991)


“Climb That Mountain High”

Album:  “Rumor Has It” (August 1990)

Tomorrow, I conclude my Reba series with my favorite 20 hits of her career.

While I love “Fancy”, it did not make the list!


My Personal Tribute (& Shrine) To Reba

Reba McEntire is coming back to the Quad Cities.  On Wednesday, August 5th, she’ll be playing at the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa.

The last time she was here, October 2011, she played at the iWireless Center in Moline, Illinois.

Reba 2011

That was my 12th Reba concert and since I’m going Wednesday, that will be number 13.  Now, I’m not superstitious.  But, if I was, I’d love to say this will be my lucky 13th concert and I’d get to meet Reba again and update my picture with her from ten years ago!

In today’s tribute, I’m sharing my shrine to my idol, Reba.  While it may not be as big as the Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit that I saw in Nashville in December 2013, it’s mine and I want to share it with you.

Anthony Reba


This past March, the Country Music Hall of Fame announced that Reba:  All the Women I Am”, an exhibit showing off memorabilia from Reba’s almost 40-year career, would be on display from August 2013 through June 2014.

Reba Exhibit

A few weeks ago, with a couple of extra vacation days left, I asked Ray if he’d like to take a quick trip back to Nashville to see the exhibit.

On the way, we could stop in my neck of the woods of western Kentucky and eat at my favorite restaurant, Patti’s 1880’s in Grand Rivers, Kentucky, while it was decorated for Christmas.  I hear it’s really pretty there this time of the year.  It’s been a couple of years since we last dined there and from this picture, you can tell that it was fall.

Pattis Fall 2011

I’m excited about the food and seeing my old college roommate, P-Byrd, who is the Executive Chef there.

As you know from reading my “Random Friday Thoughts” blog last week, that simple, quick trip is now going to be over the top. 🙂  We purchased the a Gaylord/Opryland Hotel package that includes Lorrie Morgan’s Christmas show, a night at the Opry, the Rockettes’ Christmas show, a lunch cruise on the General Jackson showboat on the Cumberland River, and much more.

But, this trip all started with a trip to Patti’s and the Reba exhibit.  So, this got me to thinking about my own Reba exhibit that I want to share with you.

This is the “Meet & Greet” pass that got me backstage to meet my Idol back in 2005, which led to…

Reba Meet Greet

my most prized Reba possession!

Reba Art

I met Reba in April 2005 when she kicked off her tour that year on a very cold and blustery night in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Reba Anthony 2005

I had my ticket, the two pictures of us together, and the shirt I was wearing that she autographed framed, along with the 45 rpm single of my favorite Reba song.

Also, dear to my heart is this painting of the “Read My Mind” album cover from 1994.  It was painted for me as a going away present when I lived in Chicago from 1994-1996 and worked at Charlie’s.  This beautiful piece was painted by my friend, David Krumwiede.  Drop in at Charlie’s and say hello to Fifi for me!

Yes, my bedroom wall is a bright “Autumn Harvest” and there is a reason.

After leaving my television job in Salisbury, Maryland, in late 2005, my old news director, Dawn Mitchell, emailed me one day and asked for my new address.  Since she was instrumental to me meeting Reba in early 2005, I thought she was sending me a promotional poster for Reba’s WB “Reba” show since we were the ABC and WB affiliate.

Days later, a delivery truck showed up with a box that looked like a door!  The delivery man said, “it isn’t heavy”.  I thought, “what could it be”?


And, this is what it is and it’s absolutely gorgeous!  So, other than orange and yellow being my favorite colors, this is the reason my bedroom is so bright.


Two more friends, Christopher and Betty, were visiting Nashville back in the early 2000s when Reba was playing Annie Oakley in “Annie Get Your Gun” in her Broadway debut that ran from January 26-June 22, 2001.

This “Annie” promotional poster was in the bathroom of a Nashville establishment and Christopher talked the manager out of it and it’s now matted and framed on my wall.


Also, back in the 1990s, I started collecting Reba 45s.  As you recall, those are the things we used to play on record players and that were in jukeboxes. 🙂  My thought process, at the time, was to collect all of Reba’s 45s and have them framed for my wall for a real personal exhibit.

I have many of them, but I still must search out the others.

Reba 45s

And, I have found a few Reba albums.  Now, I need to get at least one 8-track Reba recording!

Reba Albums

I also have tour guides, calendars, Reba bears, clocks, fan club magazines, Reba Visa credit cards and more.

Reba Fun Stuff

Also, I cherish this Christmas card that Reba sent to her fan club members in the 1990s.

Reba Christmas Card

And, since we’re talking about Christmas.  Of course, I have the Reba ornament that plays “The Secret of Giving” that is already placed on our Christmas tree this year.

Reba Ornament

There is still another thing that I want and have yet to get for my Reba collection.

Anthony Twitter

Yes, I want the doll and this could be the year!

While I’m talking about my love and admiration of Reba, there’s the saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

Back in the mid-1990s, at Charlie’s, a country bar and nightclub in Boystown, I performed as Reba first for an employee talent night, then for an AIDS benefit, and a third and final time, at my going away party in Chicago.  Fifi, thank you for doing the hair and make-up!

Anthony as Reba

Thank you for taking the time to check out my tribute to my idol, Reba.  I can’t wait to see the Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit Thursday afternoon!

Oh, by the way, earlier when I mentioned that I had the 45 rpm single of my favorite Reba song framed in that my most prized art possession, I didn’t mention the song.

There’s a reason.  In my continuing tribute to Reba, I’m featuring my 20 favorite Reba album tracks and singles that were never officially released tomorrow and then on Wednesday, I’m sharing my 20 favorite Reba hit songs of all time.