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Random Friday Thoughts — July 7, 2017

I hope you had a nice Fourth of July with some good food, great friends, and celebrating the country’s birthday.

I worked, so it was just another day for me.

Thank you for checking out my Random Friday Thoughts and enjoy your weekend!


I’ve been very good at saying little about the state of nation since January 20th.

I expressed my feelings of how my life has shattered since the night of November 8th and not being able to deal with the anger in “It Starts With Me”:

And, the “Change” it’s brought to my life:

So, I’ll still stick to saying very little about #45.

However, I’m going to comment on the disgusting Twitter tirade of Donald Trump toward Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”.


Psycho 1

I don’t watch their show, so I’m have no loyalty for them in that sense.

However, there are so many things going on in this country and the world that needs the undivided attention of a leader and this isn’t one of them.

Neither is Twitter.  I know it’s the electronic age and Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever social media you use gives you access to express your feelings with immediacy. But, maybe some just need to think before they speak.

The bottom line is that there isn’t a politician in this country EVER that hasn’t been criticized by the news media.

Jimmy Carter

Look at all that was said about Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan in the 1970s and 1980s.  Did you see them personally attack news anchors or reporters with such vile?


No, they were gentlemen.

This is a disgrace!



I worked until noon this Fourth of July and chilled out the rest of the day in the Florida heat and humidity.

For those of you that have followed me for years, you may already know this.

My favorite Independence Day was 1976 when America celebrated its 200th birthday, our bicentennial.

This is what I wrote on July 4, 2012:  “As a kid, I was mesmerized with the sight of hundreds of boats from the U.S. and other countries filling New York Harbor and with the sound of “Fernando” by ABBA blasting on the radio.  (It’s hard to believe that just one month later, ABBA would release “Dancing Queen”!)”

Meanwhile, July 4, 2007, will go down as the worst Fourth of July ever for me (hopefully).

I was working the morning show and I went in at 1:45 a.m.  Rain was coming down in buckets.  As I was running toward the door, my keys went flying out of my hand and were submerged underwater.  By the time I found my spare keys in my bag, I was soaked from head to toe.

I told the producer that I had to go home and get another suit.  On the three-minute drive to my house, the torrential rains continued to fall and all of a sudden, a wall of water flooded into the intersection.

In a matter of seconds (real-time seconds), my car stalled and the motor died as water quickly came up to the door.  At the same time, three other cars met the same fate that mine did!


I quickly thought about the power locks in the car and if it shorted out, I’d be locked inside with no way out.  I’d drown getting trapped in my car on a busy street in town!

I had a Jessica Savitch flashback moment.  For those of you that don’t know who her, she is/was one of my idols.  She was a news anchor, the “Golden Girl” of  NBC news, back in the late 1970s.  She drowned in an overturned car in a flooded ravine back in 1983!


As I took off my shoes and socks and opened the door, I stepped out into the raging waters as three intoxicated teenagers came running over and helped me push my car into an alley.

At this time, I was soaked and water had already risen into the intersection up to my knees.  I went back and helped the kids push the other three cars to safety.

I walked the fifteen blocks to my house dressed in a suit, soaking wet, and bare-footed.

The car’s engine was hydro-locked and had to be replaced!

That was ten years ago and I hope that goes down as the worst Fourth of July in my lifetime!


While a little “Netflix and chill” soundS good, it’s just “Netflix” for me this summer. 🙂

I finished season five of “House of Cards” and just started watching “Master of None”.

The Emmy Award-winning show features comedian Aziz Ansari in the lead role.

He plays a 30-year-old actor working toward his big break while navigating single life in New York City.

My favorite episodes of season one:  “Indians on TV”, “Old People”, and “Hot Ticket” .

While Ansari is funny and I love the conversations he has with his three best friends, my favorite character on the show is his lesbian friend Denise.

Her dry, dead-pan delivery just cracks me up.  Denise is played by out Chicago-born actress Lena Waithe.

Denise Lena


After seeing the “Hot Ticket” episode of “Master of None”, which partly took place at a private Father John Misty show, I fell in love with the song “Chateau Lobby #5 (in C for Two Virgins)” from his “I Love You, Honeybear” album (and he’s cute, too).

The scene gets rather raunchy so I’ll share this BBC Two performance.

By the way, Father John Misty is 36-year-old Josh Tillman, the drummer for the rock folk band, Fleet Foxes.

His new solo album is “Pure Comedy”.


Okay, I bet that got your attention! 🙂  It’s a bold statement that probably comes only as a surprise to you that I typed it.

Now, get your mind out of the gutter!  If you have Amazon Prime, you might not have gasped out loud seeing that headline.

It’s a new series co-created by Jill Soloway (“Transparent”).  I haven’t seen it and I’m only writing about it to share a line of the funny review by “Entertainment Weekly” (June 23, 2017): “She becomes obsessed with Kevin Bacon’s Dick, a fine artist whose withering judgement and sex-cowboy cool threatens to unravel her.”

Seriously, I read the first seven words and smiled, laughed, and saw “blah blah blah” after that.

Creative writing is so much better than angry, immature, and insensitive tweets in the middle of the night!



Are you like me and you’ve already binge-watched the fifth season of “House of Cards” and you already miss the iciness of Claire Underwood (Robin Wright)?

Then you have to check out “Miss Sloane” with two-time Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Jesssica Chastain!

She’s incredible as always!



Once I moved to Panama City, Florida, two months ago, I got to shop at Piggly Wiggly again.  If you’re from the South (or you’ve seen “Steel Magnolias”), you know it’s a staple here.

One my first visit, I found a bag of “Peach Cobbler” limited edition mini donuts from Tastykake.  They were so good.

I then tried the “Key Lime”, which were just okay.

But, I just found my new favorite (so far) — Birthday Kake!

Birthday Kake

I can’t wait to see what seasonal flavors arrive this fall and winter!

However, a quick Google search shows they’ve sold Pumpkin Spice, Karrot Kake, Caramel Apple, Gingerbread, Salted Caramel, and Red Velvet in the past! 🙂

‘Tis the season!


I’ve only been to the theater once this year to see “Beauty and the Beast”. I’m still thinking of going to see “Wonder Woman”.

Otherwise, there’s only three other movies that I want to see this year:  “The Beguiled” with my girl crush Nicole Kidman, “The Snowman” with my boy crush Michael Fassbender (no official trailer yet — in theaters October 20th), and this interesting remake of the Agatha Christie classic, “Murder on the Orient Express”.

It opens November 10th.


As crazy as it may seem, Ylvis’ “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)” was my #3 song of 2013.

Since its release, the video has been viewed almost 680 million times on YouTube!

So, here’s to the weekend.  Enjoy. 🙂

By the way, the song hit #1 in the duo’s native Norway.

It also hit the Top Ten here in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100, along with Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, Scotland, and Sweden!


With all the craziness in the world, make it the best in your little part of it!


Facts Should Matter In Journalism — Even If It’s Entertainment

Journalists, reporters, and bloggers should take pride in presenting facts.  I’m not even discussing whether it’s okay for outlets to take a slanted view (some think that MSNBC is liberal and others think Fox News leans conservative) or not.

When I blog, whatever I write is accurate to the best of my knowledge.  While I may have a passion to present positive LGBT and marriage equality stories, I have no desire to lie or fabricate stories to bash anyone, even Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann.  Who?

Even when I was working as a television meteorologist, the forecast I gave was based on the data I had to go on.  I didn’t build storms up for drama’s sake.  And, once I started my blog last January, a scene from the disease drama, “Contagion”, played back in my mind.

Jude Law plays Alan Krumweide, a conspiracy theorist, and he’s told by Dr. Ian Sussman, played by Elliot Gould, “Blogging is not writing.  It’s just graffiti with punctuation.”  I laughed because it was a clever line.  It also makes me strive for more when I blog.

Where am I going with this?

Last year, when Madonna released her “MDNA” album and kicked off the “MDNA Tour”, Roger Friedman, a writer for “Forbes”, was constantly bashing her.  It was like a crusade.  I don’t care if you like her or not and I know she doesn’t either.  But seriously, report the facts and don’t be petty because she may not have given you the time of the day at a party once!

The Departed

Here are the links to the two times that I wrote about Roger’s vendetta against Madonna last April:


And, for the record, Roger, Madonna’s “MDNA Tour” was the top-grossing tour of 2012 at $296.1 million!

This blog isn’t about that Roger, but another “Roger” named Jemuel DaSilva that has several stories posted on the website.  Before I even get to the heart of my rant, I’ll share that the company and its website have been accused of plagiarism on numerous occasions.  When confronted with this, Jim Pimental, the executive editor of “The Examiner” reportedly said, “They’re blogs. They don’t get edited. We don’t give any direction to people on what to write in their blogs. And that’s standard operating procedure.”  He added that his company has “a less-strict standard for accuracy and attribution in stories that appear on the Web” than other journalistic outlets.

Now that I’ve given you some background, here’s the headline of the story that prompted my rage at irresponsible “journalists” and I’m putting that in quotes because I’m using the term very loosely, i.e. I’m being sarcastic!

Examiner Headline

It started with me doing a Google search Friday morning because I knew that the North American leg of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way Ball Tour” was kicking off last night in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I wanted to see if there were any spoilers leaking out about changes in the set list since I think she might be performing her soon-to-be announced first single from “Artpop”, her upcoming album.  (FYI, the concert got rave reviews in “The Vancouver Sun”!)


So, I started reading the article and getting agitated at the irresponsible nature of it.

Examiner Article

So, I decided to do my own homework.  No seats at either of Lady Gaga’s Los Angeles concerts were selling for $13.  The cheapest seats, nosebleed seats, were $47 the first night and $50 the second night at StubHub.  And, I even checked the cost of parking and it was $25.

I also went so far as to test the theory of tickets being basically given away.  I chose the January 25th concert that I’ll be seeing at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here is the seating chart for this venue and we’re sitting in the middle of 17, which is highlighted in dark green.

Gaga Vegas Seating Chart

Now, as I looked at StubHub, I was prepared to see people wanting to sit in the same section as us getting tickets for much less than what we paid.

Stub Hub Gaga

In full disclosure, I got our tickets through a pre-sale offered on and I paid MUCH LESS than these two seats running for $599 on StubHub.

Once I shook my head after seeing all the misstated facts in this story, I decided to see what else this “writer” was talking about and I found this just five days earlier.

Another Gaga Bashing

At this point, I declared that Jemuel is just another Roger with a vendetta against Lady Gaga, not Madonna.  And, here’s the real kicker, he wants to go to law school!


In my closing statements, I have two things to say:  I hope he learns to deal with facts before he begins his law degree AND if I run into him at the Lady Gaga concert in Las Vegas or at one of the gay bars, I hope he doesn’t beat me up for calling him out on his irresponsible journalism.  And, shame on you, for publishing untrue crap on the internet.

By the way, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way Ball Tour” was the fifth biggest tour of 2012 at $161.4 million.  I doubt she’ll be hurting too much with the North American leg of the tour.