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Happy Birthday! Let’s Have Cake!

It’s a very special birthday for me today.  It’s not my actual birthday.  That’s in October.

My blog turns two years old today!  Happy Birthday!


I want to thank each and every one of you that took minutes of your day to read my thoughts regardless of the subject.  And, I also want to thank you for sharing your views on my blog whether you agreed or disagreed with me on the topic.  I love to write and share my thoughts and if it gets people to think, that’s even better.

Here are a few interesting numbers.  I can’t believe that in the two years, the blog was viewed roughly 227,500 times.  If I had continued to blog daily over the past year since I started my new job and schedule, it would have easily surpassed a quarter of a million hits in the two years!  That’s incredible.

The most viewed blog day was last Saturday with details on the weekend snowstorm and this week’s Arctic cold outbreak (2,328 views).

Some of the more popular blogs that I’ve written (in number of views) were about Adele’s weight and eating disorders, John Travolta coming out of the closet, Magic Mike, the Erie, Illinois school board’s decision to ban a book about alternative families (gay), my leaving WQAD, and then getting hired at CBS4 in the Quad Cities.

The most viewed blog over the two years (25,052 views) was about 50 Cent.


But, here are some of my favorite blogs I’ve shared with you.







adele out









As we head into the third year, I hope you come along with me to see what I might be writing about next.

You can also use the search at the top of blog page to look for topics that might interest you to see if I blogged about it.

Again, thank you.


The Book of Revelation Scared Me Away From Church

This a weather computer model and a Bible.  The two are nothing alike, yet they have so much in common.  Both tell many stories and both are full of contradictions.

One meteorologist will look at the computer models and see one scenario and make a forecast and another meteorologist will analyze the same information and could devise a totally different forecast.  One person reading the Bible will take those words to mean one thing while another person reading those exact same words will come to a different conclusion of what it means.

The way a meteorologist analyzes a weather computer models could mean the difference between a snowstorm or sunny skies.  Christians reading the Bible could deduce that if you live your life one way, you’re living God’s way and you’ll go to heaven.  Another Bible-reading person will say that if you’re living that same way of life, you could be a sinner and you’ll go to hell.  Some even say that’s a gray area and if you ask God for forgiveness, it could change your travel plans once you die.

Shocking as it may be, I attended the First Assembly God Church in Mayfield, Kentucky, although forcibly in my pre-teen years.  I still pray to God every night.  However, I now choose to analyze weather models instead of reading the Bible.  Actually, I don’t even own a Bible and for the record, I looked at one the other day at the dollar store, but the print was too small!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  I’ve always known that I was gay from the time I was a little boy.  That had nothing to do with me not wanting to go to church.  What scared me away was my church’s obsession with the Book of Revelation.  Maybe it was a 1970s thing to preach and obsess over fire and brimstone or maybe my mother just chose an unlucky church with that stance?

Those Sundays and Wednesdays in church didn’t just scare the hell out of me, it scared me away from church and organized religion.  It was frightening to hear about God’s anger with the world and not God’s love.

**If you’ve read this far, read each of the following words in the next paragraph in its entirety and do not take out context, please.**

I believe that every person on Earth of every faith has a right to a relationship with God however they see fit.  If that means going to church, do so.  If that means reading the Bible at home, enjoy.  However, as an adult, I will never have a relationship with God through a church.  When we see religion and the Bible used to discriminate and hate and call it God’s words, that is sad.  When we see suicide bombers and  people killing others in the name of religion, no thank you.   I have a wonderful one-on-one relationship with God.  He’s gotten me through some dark times in my life and he’s blessed me with so much.  I don’t need to be in a “house of God” to maintain that relationship with him.

Hopefully, I made my stance about organized religion, churches, and the Bible clear so I don’t alienate and insult people that I call my friends.  Now, I want to get to the point of this blog.  It’s the Book of Revelation and how I put it behind me 30+ years ago and now it’s coming back to me through entertainment.  However, this time, it doesn’t scare me.  It fascinates me.

I’m sure you heard about the controversy in 2006 when Madonna sang “Live To Tell” “nailed” to a mirrored cross on the “Confessions Tour”.

It was incredible, but it didn’t remind me of scary childhood memories of church.

However, when I saw Britney Spears in concert at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, last summer (wearing a Madonna t-shirt –the religious icon, not the pop music icon), her closing number jolted me back to my childhood and the Book of Revelation.

When performing the finale “Till The World Ends”, Britney comes down as an angel in the midst of fireworks.  It reminded me of  the seven angels mentioned in Revelation.

However, I really didn’t become intrigued and newly educated on the Book of Revelation until two weeks ago when season six of “Dexter” arrived.  It was all about the final book of the Bible and the end of the world!


If you haven’t seen season six of “Dexter” yet, I mention the plot line in a generic fashion with visuals and video, so stop reading now.

And, I’ll give you the last line of my blog so you know where all of this leads:  “Children and young adults should be taught the difference between right and wrong, but not by making God seem like an evil or scary person through the Book of Revelation.  For that, we have Halloween.”

The antagonists in “Dexter” season six, are the Doomsday Killers (DDK).  They thought it was their job to bring on the “End of Days”, or the end of the world.  And, they had to do by making seven sacrifices.

Even with the spoiler alert, I won’t go into much detail except for the fact that the “Seven Sacrifices” included the Seven-Headed Serpent, the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, the Angel of Death, the Whore of Babylon, the Bowls of Wrath, Wormwood, the Lake of Fire, and the Lamb.

This is how the Four Horses of the Apocalypse murder was depicted.

While the following art images from “Dexter” are fictionalized, the premise was lifted from directly from the Bible.  It encouraged me to go online and look closer at the Book of Revelation and it made me realize that my decision to leave church when I did was the correct one.

Children and young adults should be taught the difference between right and wrong, but not by making God seem like an evil or scary person through the Book of Revelation.  For that, we have Halloween.