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Fantastic Memories of The Past Three Labor Days

It’s Labor Day and I hope you have some fun things planned and that you’re not having to “labor” on this day.  No work for us today and we’re going to kick back and enjoy the day.  Ray’s sister, Ann, and her family spent last night with us on their way home back to Fort Dodge today.

I made a Spring Breakfast Strata last night before bed.  Here’s a picture of it as it and the recipe.  We’re having it with fresh cantaloupe and the girls are having donuts.  I think I’ll be bad and have a glazed donut, too.

Ray and I have five more episodes of “The Walking Dead”  season two to finish today and this evening, we’re going out to dinner with my sister, Tammy, and Ray’s going to put her television stand together and hook up her television.

Since meeting Ray almost four years ago, my Labor Days have changed.  I used to always work them, but I’ve taken the last three off.

In 2009, I made my first trip to Spirit Lake, Iowa, where Ray’s parents live.  It was a very fun trip and Miss ABBA, being a water dog, was in heaven.  She spent all of the trip in or near the lake and she loved her first boat ride and her first golf cart ride (she wouldn’t get off when we got back to the house).

That Labor Day, we even had our own little swimming and boating Olympics.  Miss ABBA raced Ray and Gretel in a paddle boat back to shore and the golden won!  (Okay, I cheated and held them back.  But, since you can’t see it in the picture, Miss ABBA won the race fair and square!)

And, at the end of the weekend, both of our girls were ready to relax on the ride home.

Two years ago, we spent an extended weekend in Chicago to doggie sit for Mr. Panda, the blind shar-pei.  Other than spending many hours on walks and at the doggie park, Ray and I saw the Scissor Sisters in what turned out to be an amazing concert.

And, while I kept my clothes on during the concert even without air conditioning in the historic (read:  ancient) theater, I decided to take the vest off on the walk home in the hot, summer night thunderstorm.

And, last Labor Day, it was a bittersweet trip back to Spirit Lake.  We were so fortunate that even five months after Miss ABBA was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she showed no outward signs of being sick.  Although we knew that it would most likely be her last trip to the lake, she had a blast swimming, boating, riding the golf cart, and looking at fish.

We also lucked out on this trip because the Monarch butterflies were migrating and I had never seen so many in my life.

And, like each long ride, the girls traveled together well.

I’ll close with two more pictures from last year’s Labor Day trip to Spirit Lake.  Look at the amazing sunset as we arrived to start our weekend vacation and the nice morning fog that greeted us on our last day in town.

Have a great Labor Day!