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Some Wrongs You Can’t Right

While I’ll continue to fight for equality, I’m going to talk less about politics in 2013.  I’m saying that because no matter what politicians say, chances are they will lie or promise more than they can deliver.  Another wrong that we can’t right is “Crash” winning the Academy Award for Best Picture for 2005 over “Brokeback Mountain”.  While Ang Lee won for Best Director for “Brokeback” and the movie won “Best Adapted Screenplay”, it was a shock to many that “Crash” won for “Best Picture”.

Brokeback Mountain

Another wrong that we can’t right is the box office disappointment of the 2012 Disney movie, “John Carter”.  While the budget for the science fiction adventure film was $250 million, it only grossed $282.8 million thanks to a very strong box office outside the United States.  Domestically, the movie only made $73 million.

“John Carter” is definitely a wrong that you can make right by renting it on DVD.  We did that this past weekend and I’m so glad we took a chance on it.

The problem with the movie is definitely not with sexy Taylor Kitsch as John Carter or beautiful Lynn Collins as Princess Dejah Thoris of Helium.

Taylor Kitsch as John Carter

The problem with “John Carter” at the box office was in marketing.  I don’t think Disney knew how to sell the movie.  I was expecting the action flick to be some far-fetched science fiction movie set in some future time.

While the movie predominately took place on Mars, known in the movie as “Barsoom”, it opened with a death scene set in New York in the late 19th century and then flashed back to the Wild West!  At first, I was confused as to how this movie was going to move from a western setting to another planet.

I’ll go ahead and give away a spoiler from the opening scenes.  John Carter, a former Civil War Army Captain, dies suddenly and everything is left to his nephew.  Carter is buried in a tomb that can only be opened from the inside before his nephew arrives.

As his nephew reads a locked diary that John Carter left him, we flash back to the Arizona Territory where Carter is arrested and jailed.  He escapes and after an altercation in a cave where Carter is searching for gold, something happens and for much of the 2 hours, 12 minute movie, we’re on the neighboring planet of Mars, aka Barsoom.  There, John Carter realizes that he has developed a special power that comes in handy since a war is taking place on the planet.

I thoroughly enjoyed “John Carter” and it had little to do with the hotness of the two lead characters, John Carter and the princess.  The movie also featured an army of Green Martians, the good guys in the war, and a very loyal Martian “dog”.

The American box office and the trailer does not do “John Carter” justice.



Nicole Kidman is one of the best living actresses out there.  I absolutely love her.  I found her mesmerizing in “To Die For” and “Moulin Rouge!” and there are still many of her other movies I still want to see.

In “The Paperboy”, she plays seductive and trashy Charlotte Bless, who falls in love with a series of prison convicts.  Her latest crush is Hillary Van Wetter, played with intense creepiness by John Cusack.


Kidman was nominated for a Golden Globe award and a Screen Actors Guild award for this role.  And, boy does she chew the scenery whether she is teasing Cusack into a frenzy during a prison visit or  urinating on Zac Efron (I won’t say why, but it’s not what you think).

The movie is the followup to director Lee Daniels’ Oscar winning “Precious”.

“The Paperboy” also stars the aforementioned Zac Efron as Jack Jansen, who falls in love with Kidman’s Charlotte.

Matthew McConaughey plays Efron’s older brother, Ward Jansen, who is investigating the case that put Cusack’s Van Wetter in prison.  This was McConaughey’s third highly acclaimed role in 2012 following his star turn in “Magic Mike” to his frightening and under appreciated role in “Killer Joe” to this one.  Ward is harboring his own secrets that could cost him his life in the racially-divided 1960s South.

After seeing “The Paperboy”, you’ll likely be very thankful for the life you have and you’ll probably want to take a shower!



Random Friday Thoughts — January 18, 2013

Happy Friday, my friends. I hope you all have a great weekend.  Here are the random thoughts going through my mind.


With southwesterly winds today and tomorrow, temperatures will likely soar into the 40s across the Quad Cities before bitterly cold air blasts in Sunday into early next week.  We could even see some snow Sunday night with that transition.

Check out this map at noon on Monday that shows the core of the bitterly cold air sitting right over the Midwest and the Great Lakes.


It’s likely that Monday and Tuesday’s high temperatures will be in the low teens with some single digit highs possible.  Overnight lows could be dropping below zero Monday night.

The last time we saw single digits highs in the Quad Cities was back on February 8, 2011 with a high of 9° and a low of -6°.  Our last high temperature below zero was January 15, 2009.  It only reached -6° that day and dropped to -21° that night!  BRRRRRRRRR!  The only way a below zero high could be achieved early next week is if we get heavy snow Sunday night.

Also, from a climatic standpoint, January 15th-19th is the coldest period of the winter in the metro area!


With the cold snap earlier this week, I’m glad the de-icer in our fish pond is still working and it’s still mostly unfrozen.  Since our fountain is sending a constant spray of water into the air, the wind-blown water is freezing on contact to the rock foundation and is making for a rather cool display.  And, the fish are still doing great.  You can see one of them in the second picture.

Ice 3Ice 2


The only trip I have planned this year, Las Vegas, in now less than a week away.  Before I plan anything else, I’m waiting to see what transpires with my career or decide what to do next before I make additional vacation plans.

Nevertheless, my Lady Gaga concert is next Friday.  The reviews have been fantastic, but there has been controversy.  I blogged two days ago about her spat with Sharon Osbourne and the gun play in the show.

Born Brave Bus Gaga

But, I want to talk about the “Born Brave Bus”.  This is what I blogged January 4, 2013, “Several hours before Gaga hits the stage at each of her American shows, her Born This Way Foundation will provide the “Born Brave Bus”, which offers a free, safe space for 13- to 25-year-olds ‘to learn more about local resources on anti-bullying, suicide prevention, and mental health services.'”

While Gaga is reaching out to young people, the Florida Family Association, out of Tampa, spent about $1,900 to fly a plane in the background of the “Born Brave Bus” with a “NOT BORN THIS WAY” banner in Tacoma, Washington, Monday.

The anti-gay group’s website states, “How would you feel if your child or grandchild went to a concert where unbeknownst to you they were convinced to embrace a homosexual or transgender lifestyle for a lifetime?”  It’s also asking for donations to fund flying this plane and banner at other Lady Gaga concert stops!  Incredible!

I was “Born This Way”!  And, if I had the chance, I’d like to ask those in the Florida Family Association that if they think I was “NOT BORN THIS WAY”, I’d like to know when they chose to be straight?????


Baby FoodClimate Change John Lennon Mary J. Blige


Yes, Joan, I love food and I love talking about it. 🙂

I was reading an article this week, “Tel Aviv…+76 Other Things to Love About Israel”.  Tel Aviv is on my bucket travel list and I want to do it while I’m still relatively young enough to get the full experience.  And, one of the things that it mentioned was falafel.


I had this for the first time in Houston in early October (it’s that little ball at the top of the picture) and I would love to have it again. Does anyone know of a place in the Quad Cities with authentic Mediterranean food?  I could Google it, but I trust my friends more. 🙂

If you’ve never had it or heard of it, falafel is a deep-fried patty or ball made from ground chickpeas and/or fava beans (down Hannibal Lecter!) and served in a pita or lafa, (flatbread).  It’s then topped with salads, pickled veggies, and served with an incredible sauce consisting of tahini (paste made from ground sesame seeds), lemon juice, salt and olive oil.


“Have a nice life, Dick!”


January 14 2011

I posted this cool picture taken by Ben Hanan January 14, 2011.  Maybe I’ll be back on the “green screen” somewhere this spring!

January 15 2012

And, Miss ABBA’s Kermit stuffed animal was not really hurt in this twisted winter game that Gretel, ABBA, and I were playing January 15th of last year.



This summer 2012 crime thriller, directed by Oliver Stone, came out on DVD in November.

It stars a very sexy Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a couple of marijuana growers in Laguna Beach, California, and their girlfriend, O, played by Blake Lively (Mrs. Ryan Reynolds) of “Gossip Girl”.

While I never saw “Friday Night Lights” and I haven’t seen the highly panned “John Carter” or “Battleship”, watching Kitsch’s intensity in this movie, I’d venture to say that the U.S. box office failures of those two Hollywood movies had bigger issues other than the actor.

They are contacted by a Mexican drug cartel, which sends them a video of several people being beheaded.  The cartel, headed up by Elena (Salma Hayek), wants them to join their organization.  Hayek is incredible in this movie as a cold-hearted, savage leader.

“Savages” is a very intense and violent movie.  But, it’s realistic.  More and more, in the U.S., we hear how innocent, and not so innocent, people are brutally murdered in the escalating Mexican drug trade.  This movie allows us to witness it in the safety of our homes.

I highly recommend this movie.



The 1980s English band, Spandau Ballet, which was part of the New Romantic movement, is making a comeback 30 years later.  It’s been that long????

While the band scored 17 Top 40 hits in the U.K., Spandau Ballet only had three hits in America.

In 1983, “True” reached #4 in the U.S. (#1 in the U.K.).  “Gold”, the follow-up single, only peaked at #29 and the third single, “Only When You Leave” stalled at #34.

Belgium DJ Basto, who’s worked with Lasgo, Kylie Minogue, Flo Rida & Sia, and the Wanted, remixed that 1983 hit and this week, it cracked the Top Ten on the Billboard Dance chart at #8.


And, in case you want to reminisce, here’s the 1983 original.