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Dying Proves Marriage is More Than Just Rings & A Commitment

UPDATE:  I posted this original blog one year ago.  Shane’s video has now been viewed almost four million times!

ORIGINAL BLOG:  July 2, 2012

Some people marry for money, some because of sexual attraction, some for the class status of becoming a trophy wife or husband, but I would hope that most people marry for love.

I decided to get married last fall for three reasons:  because of love, because of sexual attraction, and for political reasons.

It gave me a chance to show Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Iowa conservative and failed politician Bob Vander Plaats, along with their followers that the Iowa Supreme Court justices that made marriage equality a reality in the state were progressive and not backwards like the 50%-plus of Iowans that voted three of the justices out of office after that landmark decision.

Being married gives a couple, especially same-sex couples, freedom to make decisions for their spouses in emergencies, with hospitalization, and sadly, in death.

If they were married, life would have been much easier for Shane Bitney Crone after the love of his life, Tom Bridegroom, fell to his death while working as a photographer.

Shane made a very touching video about the heartache Tom went through when he came out to family and what happened when Tom died.  It’s been viewed on YouTube more than 2.7 million times.

To the haters out there or to the people who don’t understand or support marriage equality, I hope one day that you see love for what it is, an undying commitment to the person you love — regardless of sexuality, gender, race, or however you want to classify people.